Pet of the Month: August 2013

This pooch has an iron stomach and a heart of gold

All photos by Stacey Gonzalez Copyright©
Calvin is a 12 year old Lab who is a Labrador retriever to the core. Calvin loves food first and everything else second. That’s why his two-legged family are his favorite people- they always have treats!

A year ago Calvin lost his best friend- a toy Poodle named Teddy. Teddy and Calvin were the best of friends and did everything together. As Teddy got older he lost his sight and his hearing. Luckily he had Calvin to show him the way and take extra special care of Teddy.

Since then Calvin has made a new friend- a spunky Cairn terrier named Piper. Calvin loves the water and Piper has made a surprisingly great swim partner. She loves the water just as much as Calvin does- she even retrieves the ball.

When Calvin was younger he was quite the athletic swimmer. Now he uses the cool river water to ease the pain in his hips and joints. Calvin- like most Labs- has suffered from hip dysplasia in his old age. Luckily for Calvin his two-legged gives him plenty of glucosamine and chondroitin to ease his pain and help mend the damage.

Calvin has a reputation as a dog that will eat just about everything! He has a pretty iron stomach for the most part. He has eaten 12 loaves of bread, 18 inch pizza, coconut cream pie, half of a pork loin, a tea towel and just about anything he can sneakily grab off of the counter when no one is looking.

Although Calvin misses Teddy he is a hopeful dog who is happily making new friends every day. His silly food habits are easy to ignore once you get to know his lovable side and his playful nature.

Calvin’s favorite things:
-Treats!!! Whether they are for people or for dogs.
-Water fun, especially cool water on a hot

-Peanut butter!
-Walking on the beach with my two leggeds.
-My new friend Piper.
-The honking pig toy HONK!
-Lazy days on my mat.
-Being sneaky- it’s bad but I love it!

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