Extraordinary Pet: Nova

Photo by José
Extraordinary pet: Nova and her owner have a lasting bond

By Stacey Gonzalez- March 2014
Nova is the type of cat that commands everyone’s attention when she struts into a room- her soft, vibrant fur and twinkling eyes make her a sight to behold. With her long, orange fur and regal appearance she looks like a cat from a painting. When Nova’s owner José saw her it was love at first sight.
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When Nova was just a kitten she had a large hernia on her stomach and needed immediate surgery. Luckily she has a two-legged who would do anything for her. After a lot of love, special care and a few expensive trips to the veterinarian, Nova had the surgery that put her back together again. She is now four and a half years old and as happy as ever.

Nova’s owner suffered a tragedy in August 2008 when her dog Daisy died suddenly in a car accident. For José losing a family member so close to her heart made it difficult to take the risk of adopting another pet. In 2009 she was ready to take a small step- instead of adopting another dog she decided to take a chance on a sweet little kitten. She didn’t know it then but Nova was meant to be with her.

Nova was there to help José through the tough times and give her the unconditional love that makes the bond between a person and their pet so strong. Nova is a lot like a cat version of Daisy- soft, gentle and a little bit of a princess. She loves to snuggle her two-legged and is excited for their family to grow over the years.

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