Extraordinary Pet: Onrey

Photo provided by Brooke
Extraordinary pet: Onrey has learned the joys of being a dog

By Stacey Gonzalez

Onrey’s life may have not started out on a happy note but his new family are making sure that every day that he spends with them is full of love and light. He won the dog lottery when he found his forever home and has finally been given the life he deserves.

Onrey was about a year old when his family rescued him from Rescue Farm in Spencer, Indiana on July 23, 2012. This Bichon Frise was malnourished when he was discovered and brought to the shelter for rehabilitation. Onrey had never been groomed and didn’t even know how to play with a toy. His family taught him how to love and trust. They demonstrated to him how to play and his heart began to open.

The decision to adopt Onrey came when his family’s rescue dog Taylor was diagnosed with cancer. They wanted a companion that Taylor could teach his good habits to. Sadly Onrey and Taylor only had four days together. However Onrey’s family felt Taylor had passed on his good dog abilities to Onrey- and they were right.

Onrey’s family were grateful that he was there to help them accept what happened to Taylor. He helped them cope with the grief. It was then that Onrey made a silent promise to love his new family the way that Taylor had loved them.

Onrey is now a proud and protective member of his family. He takes care of them just like they took care of him when he needed it. He has been resilient and overcome his past. Onrey eats well now and is at a healthy weight. He would happily eat anything his family eats and is thankful that he will never go hungry again.

He absolutely loved his tennis balls in a can- whenever the can is opened Onrey comes running to unleash the fun. He has a safe place- his kennel- where he can always feel secure when his family is away. But when his family is on vacation Onrey is so excited that he rotates who he sleeps with. He is truly a playful dog now.

Onrey- nicknamed Boo- even has regular trips to the groomer. His whole quality of life has improved and he is just as grateful now as he was the first day he came home. Onrey’s family gave him a second chance and the most wonderful forever home beyond imagination.

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