MISSING Manx cat in Pembroke, Ontario PLEASE HELP


Her name is Chaos and she is a Manx cat which means she has no tail so she should be easy to identify. She also has an orange spot on the top of her head. She must have slipped out when we let the dogs in/out last night because we discovered her missing this morning. She answers to her name and comes if you snap your fingers a few times.

She went missing on Peter Street near High View school in Pembroke, Ontario. She has an upper repertory disease that can't be cured so she sneezes a lot, squints her eyes like in the photo and her eyes get watery. So after spending a rainy night outside she may appear sick but she is fully vaccinated so PLEASE don't be afraid to go near her. She will probably be really afraid but food is a good motivator. If she is sick she needs to come home to get her medication. Please guys I need your help!

If you find her please call Stacey 613-281-8877 or Robert 613-717-0880 or drop her off at the Pembroke Animal Hospital 613-752-3641 where I work full time. You can also contact PetValu 613-735-7508 in the Pembroke mall where I work on the odd Sunday shift. They can get in touch with me. If you see her please try to catch her- just open a can of something and she will come to you. Thank you1

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