Tuesday, 21 April 2015

*UPDATE* Missing Manx cat in Pembroke, Ontario PLEASE HELP

MISSING Manx cat found!

Thank you to everyone for your concern about Chaos. She is home safe and sound. She came waltzing up our porch stairs like nothing had happened- as if she didn't spend a night outside in the rain. Keira and Hazel were so cute- they gathered around her as if to say "Are you alright? What was it like?" We- dogs included- are so happy to have our grumpy but lovable cat home. 

So here is what we did when Chaos went missing to help locate her faster- these are great tips you can do in the first few hours your pet is discovered missing:

-Posted her photo, description and our contact info on social media and shared with lost pet groups in our area.
-We tried to track her- for us that was difficult because it rained and washed away most of her paw prints. 
-Set up feeding stations around our property and neighborhood with her food.
-Put cat nip in the welcome mats of our home so that if she came home she stayed home.
-Moved a dog crate outside on our front porch and put a warm blanket inside and something that smelled like us.
-Moved her litter outside.
-Walked the neighborhood calling her name and shaking her treats and asking anyone we passed if they had seen her.
-Even though I work at our local animal hospital and pet store ANYONE can contact them and let them know that your pet is missing. They will likely ask you to bring a sign in and if it gets to that point then you should- luckily for us Chaos was found the next day. In the meantime you can at least leave them your number because these are places that normally get called if a pet is found. You can also call your local animal shelter and animal control. 

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