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Slim down resolution: light pet food and treat suggestions
By Stacey Gonzalez

Dog Food:
Photo via petcurean website

GO! FIT + FREE Grain Free Adult Dog Food
A blend of premium quality chicken, turkey and salmon proteins and essential Omega oils, this protein packed food promotes energy canines. Combined with an active lifestyle this light food- which contains no by-product meals, grains, glutens, artificial preservatives or growth hormones – is a good fit for an overweight dog.

Blue Buffalo Healthy Weight Dog Food
This dog food uses all natural vegetable fiber that helps maintain the pet’s ideal weight.
It contains L-carnitine that helps support lean muscle defenses and the Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids that promote healthy skin & shiny coat.

Performatrin Ultra
Slim Care Formula with Salmon Dog FoodThis weight control food is fantastic. Sold exclusively at PetValu stores, this dog food supports weight control by satisfying appetite while reducing the calories. Although it is a calorie reduced food it still supports the animal’s body health and wellness.
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Cat Food:


FIT + FREE Grain Free Chicken, Turkey and Duck Recipe
With this protein dense food a little goes a long way. Designed to induce energy in your pet to aid in weight loss it also allows you to feed your pet less. True to the GO! brand it is grain free, gluten free and has zero by-product meals and artificial preservatives.
Photo via Petcurean website
Photo via PetValu website
Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition- Ultra Light
This wet food is not only palatable to felines but it contains 15% less calories than Royal Canin  ADULT Instinctive™. It contains a high protein content to help preserve muscle mass that is already on the animal and has four times the water hydration of dry foods. This super premium wet food also includes L-carnitine to help burn fat and combat obesity.
Photo via PetValu website

Natural Balance Original Ultra® Reduced Calorie Canned
This canned food is formulated for overweight, less active and senior cats. It is designed to help reduce and maintain weight and can also promote appetite in some senior cats that are reluctant to eat. This reduced calorie and protein formula is great for cats with allergies and sensitive stomachs.

Dog Treats:

Photo via Benny Bully's website
Benny Bully's Liver Chops
They are all natural, freeze dried liver. That's it, nothing added, no bells and whistles. And dogs love them! They are veterinarian recommended and used as training treats by trainers all over the North America. Pure and simple these are the purest, most natural and nutritious dog treats out there.

Photo via PetValu website
 Old Mother Hubbard 5 Calorie Soft and Chewy Edibles
These chewy morsels are all natural treats that are low calorie and healthy. They contain no artificial flavors or colors and no wheat or soy. These calorie wise chews are a delicious option for a snack or reward for your beloved pooch.


Cat Treats:

Photo via PetValu website


Pet Naturals of Vermont Daily Best for Senior Cats

I absolutely love this brand. My cat is crazy for these supplement treats. The senior supplement is designed for cats with slower metabolisms and less active lifestyles. The treat is a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement with Taurine and digestive enzymes.

These great products will only work if you  find ways to include exercise in your pets daily routine.



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