#Cat #Treat of the #Month: February 2013

Popular cat treats get a healthy makeover

This month I decided to review the new FELINE GREENIES® SMARTBITES®. I absolutely love the GREENIES® line of dog and cat dental treats. I feed my cat FELINE GREENIES® Dental Treats every day. She gets a few mixed in with her dry food to keep her teeth clean and her breath smelling fresh and she loves these crunchy little morsels.

Since FELINE GREENIES® SMARTBITES® is a new product that is just hitting stores I have no customer feedback. I bought them as soon as they came in to try since I always recommend the brand so highly. I only have my cat’s feedback.

My cat is not overly picky when it comes to food- she will eat many different protein sources. But when it comes to treats she tends to prefer chicken so I went with the chicken flavoured Healthy Skin & Fur SMARTBITES®. To ease her into them I placed one in her wet food for dinner- like the cherry on top- and let her have her meal as usual.

She licked the bowl clean so later I tried feeding her one as a reward. She devoured it. My cat is a fan of the Dental Treats and these new FELINE GREENIES® were an easy sell. I felt good feeding her these treats because they are not just empty calories. The new SMARTBITES® line of treats has three different formula's with three different health benefits; Hairball Control, Digestive Care and Healthy Skin & Fur.

The original FELINE GREENIES® Dental Treats get a makeover with SMARTBITES® treats having that extra meaty centre that holds all those wholesome and healthy goodness. The natural ingredients in the treats mixed with the vitamins and minerals make it a healthy snack. While treating bad breath you can also treat other common issues in felines at only 1.3 calories per treat.

GREENIES® Canine Dental Chews are the very popular toothbrush shaped dental treats that pet parents rave about. But did you know they were also the very first GREENIES® treat to hit the market?

It all started with a dog- Ivan- who had terrible breath and a dedicated owner who would stop at nothing to fix that. Ivan’s owner worked with a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and other animal experts to create that first GREENIES® treat. Years later they are a best seller and still take a bite out of bad breath.

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