#Dog #Treat of the #Month: February 2013

February's dog treat of the month for your canine's sweet tooth

February is here and Valentine’s Day is soon to come. For February’s featured dog treat I reviewed something a little sweeter- Three Dogs Bakery Classic Crèmes. This review was a little more in-depth because not only did I review these with dogs and pet owners but I tried the treat myself- and it was delicious!

Tree Dog Bakery Classic Crèmes are an all-natural human-grade dog cookies that look and taste exactly like human cookies. These cookies come in a variety of flavours such as Carob with Natural Peanut Butter Filling, Carob with Natural Vanilla Flavor Filling, Golden with Natural Vanilla Flavor and the type I reviewed Golden with Natural Peanut Butter Filling.

These sweet treats have no added salt, preservatives or artificial colours and flavours. Not only do dogs love them but from the feedback I received from customers who purchased these treats, pet parents who are brave enough to taste them love them as well. I can say from my experience they taste much like a human cookie.

All cookies are slow baked sealing in the natural flavors, aromas and nutrients. These cookies are easy on the digestive system but keep in mind they are meant as a snack or reward. Treats should never exceed 10 per cent of your pet’s diet.

The Three Dog Bakery was created by Mark Beckloff and Dan Dye. Eager to please their dog Gracie- a sweet albino Great Dane who’s health was declining- they tried all kinds of dog foods to entice the dog to eat. But the blue eyed pooch refused to eat anything. Together they perfected homemade dog food and treats to accommodate Gracie.

Gracie loved them and so did their other two dogs Dottie and Sarah. Once the smell of those delicious treats made its way to the noses of other canines in the neighbourhood it was clear that they had created something really special. This was to become the 59 cent treat that would get the ball rolling on everything.

Beckloff and Dye began selling the dog treats on their lunch breaks and on weekends but soon they left their real day jobs to open the world’s first bakery for dogs. Specialising in all-natural dog treats the Three Dog Bakery has a wide selection of dog treats and food that dogs and pet parents far and wide just can’t resist.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day Three Dog Bakery offers their Pink Heart Wafers. Another delicious edition to their line of sweet treats. Try Three Dog Bakery Classic Crèmes and other treats for you and your dog!

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