Extraordinary Pet: Theo

Photo by Carrie
Extraordinary pet: Theo loves taking care of his family
By Stacey Gonzalez- March 2014
Theodore- Theo for short- and his owner Carrie almost never came to be. Carrie was looking to adopt an older dog but when the saw Theo- an adorable little puppy- she couldn’t help but take him home. She made the right choice because Theo was meant for her in every way.

Theo came from a litter of three puppies that Carrie’s aunt and uncle were trying to get adopted out for a neighbour. She believes that he is part Chow Chow, Labrador retriever and German shepherd. But according to Carrie- “whatever he is, he’s definitely 100 per cent loveable!”

She visited her aunt and uncle the day before her 26th birthday. It was the first time she ever saw Theo. Despite not wanting to adopt a puppy Carrie could not resist him. As soon as she held him she knew he was the dog for her.

But this pup is no ordinary canine. Theo acts as a therapy dog to his owner although he has never been officially given the role. Great therapy dogs are able to sense when their owner needs them and how they would best be able to help. Theo seems to have been born with this gift.

Carrie has suffered from several medical ailments in her life time and has been impacted by depression and anxiety. Some days Carrie doesn’t feel like getting out of bed but Theo is there to stand by her and support her in the best way he knows how. Sometimes Theo is the only reason Carrie gets out of bed. He provides a light in her life that shines brighter by the day.

Theo is four years old now and like many extraordinary pets his love for his owner is unbreakable and unconditional. He gets Carrie off the couch and out the door on bad days and if she can’t seem to get out he is the first to snuggle up. He gives “the best kisses” and has Carrie’s father under his paw when it comes to getting a sneaky treat under the table. With a face like that it’s hard not to give into his adorable begging.

Theo is so close to Carrie that he often follows her everywhere- including the bathroom! His small quirks are easy to overlook because he makes up for it in kindness. Being a part of his family is like a full time job that he doesn’t want to get paid for because he loves it so much. Theo will never stop loving his family. He is Carrie’s biggest fan and truly extraordinary.

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