Extraordinary pet: Sandy

Photo by David
Extraordinary pet: Sandy fell fast in love with her family

By Stacey Gonzalez
Sandy the miniature cocker spaniel is laid back and always available to get a pet or a scratch- just in case anyone is wondering. She will snuggle up with anyone for some love but her favorite snuggle buddy is David. While she loves lazy days with her family she will go for a good run if she thinks it’s worth it.

Sandy is 5 years old and has become a true member of her family. Her owner David reefer’s to Sandy as his sister and David’s mom even calls her daughter. She has so much love for her whole family- especially when they have a treat to give.


Sandy enjoys spending time outside just soaking up the sun and loving life. On one of her lazy days outside she saw someone driving away on a four-wheeler. She must have liked the machine because she chased it for the longest time. She can be fast when she wants to be and there is never a dull moment when Sandy is around.

She has entertained her family like this time and time again. She may be small in stature but she makes up for it with her big personality. She is always able to make David smile and laugh with her adorable antics.

She brings so much love and spirit into the home and is a blessing to her family. Sandy will love them and snuggle up to all night long. She is the best at cuddling and is also pretty good at being sneaky under the table.

If she hears the word treats she is off like a rocket launcher to the pantry door to wait for what she knows will come next. “Sandy pants” would never turn down a treat or a rub down from anyone- or her favorite stuffed rabbit toy.

Sandy’s family are blessed to have such a kind, happy and loving pet to support them and stand by them as a true member of the family. She will always be there waiting at the door for David to come home so she can shower more love and affection over him. She will always put her family first and that’s what makes Sandy an extraordinary pet.

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