Keira needs your help!

Hey Paws peeps- Keira needs your help!
My name is Keira and I'm a contestant in the Petcurean Savour the Moment Contest. I could win free Petcurean dog food for a year! That's my favourite food! My mommy and daddy could win cool stuff but what I'd be most excited about is being a spokes dog for Petcurean! But I'm having a hard time getting my two-legged friends to vote for me. So I'm reaching out to get some votes.

How to vote:
-Follow the link
-Like Petcurean's page: Petcurean is the leading Canadian holistic pet food that includes the pet foods Go!, Now Fresh and Summit. It is one of the last privately owned Canadian pet food companies and is committed to serving only the best to your pet.
-Visit the Savour the Moment contest page and click on View Gallery.
-You can view Keira and her profile in the Gallery; shown is the above photo.
-Facebook will ask you for certain Access to your Account. ALL THIS MEANS is that Facebook needs to create a SHARE link to post to your Timeline and in doing so it must Access your account to find your Wall and make a Post on your Timeline. It will not view passwords, information, or post on your behalf when you do not allow it to. There is no spam. You can even chose not to share it on your Timeline.
-You are able to vote once every 24 hours. Keira needs your votes!

More about me- Keira!
I am a two year old Saint Bernard/ Bernese Mountain Dog mix. I am quiet and very well behaved so my parents reward me for that all the time with lots of outdoor adventures. I am really good at hiking, swimming and climbing steep hills. I love to jump over things and run real fast. I was rescued from a shelter from my first mommy but she ran into tough times. So she found me another mommy and daddy and they told me they will keep me forever. Its okay though- I love everyone and I'm always happy as long as I have a family. I really want to win to show other doggies that even though your in a shelter there is a family out there that is perfect for you and that will love you. Just like my mommy and daddy love me!

Keira's favourite things:
-playing with the ball
-squeaking her ball
-playing hide and seek, especially the seeking -going in the water
-going in the water when mommy and daddy say not to
-doing my tricks; high five, playing dead, rolling over. I can do anything!
-Rolling in poop (unfortunate for my two leggeds)
-snuggles and kisses
-spreading my love around and just being a dog, a really good dog.


Bath time blues
Kickin' it in the wetlands

Mommy and daddy gave me a job!

I love the water! This was my first time at the cottage and I can't wait to go back!

Sometimes I roll in dirty stuff...then I have to have bath time. 
But I guess bath time is not so bad- it does make me look extra pretty!
 This is what I do when mommy works on the computer- I'm doing in right now!

Daddy can't get away with not giving me belly rubs when he lays with me on my bed. 

I play air guitar too! I'm so talented! 

 Sometimes I squish mommy...
 ...but I'm so cute she doesn't mind!
I love affection almost as much as...

 ...I love impressing people with my skills- I'm pretty good at playing dead, rolling over and high fives!

I always make sure I shake off near mommy on warm days to make sure she stays cool.
My zombie is the first toy my mommy and daddy gave me. Its my favourite. I sleep with it on the comfy bed with me until its time for me to sneak into mommy and daddy's bed. I know I'm not supposed to but they never seem to mind because they love me so much.


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