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Pet food recall: May 2015

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Pet food recall: May 2015
OC Raw Dog Recalls Turkey & Produce Raw Frozen Canine Formulation Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk
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FDA PRESS RELEASE — May 15, 2015 — Ranch Santa Margarita, CA — OC Raw Dog of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA is voluntarily recalling 2055 lbs. of Turkey & Produce Raw Frozen Canine Formulation, because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.  An organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Salmonella can affect animals eating the products and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the products or any surfaces exposed to these products. 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Animal Planet host weighs in on pet travel: EXCLUSIVE extras from the interview

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Animal Planet host weighs in on pet travel: EXCLUSIVE extras from the interview

Being an Animal Planet host and Puppy Bowl referee keeps Dan Schachner busy. When he is not shooting the hit TV show America’s Cutest Pets, supporting animal shelters or teaming up with Petco to educate pet owners he can be found spending time with his children. On May 6 Schachner shared his Top 3 Pet Travel Safety Tips:

1.    Do in depth research. “Get people on the phone- don’t just trust what you read online on pet blogs or traveller experience blogs. Go directly to that airline, that hotel, that destination and do your research as many times as possible- especially if it is your first time.”

     2.    Proper identification. “Second of all make sure your pet has proper ID and by that I mean a tag with not just their name and your name but a cell phone number because you are travelling- you’re not going to be home. So an immediate contact number is key.”

     3.    Packing and preparation. “The third one is sort of an umbrella tip about having all of the right supplies. That’s not just treats, that’s not just food- that’s also medical records, back up medicine if your dog has any conditions.”

Schachner also shared his 4 Personal Pet Travel Products that he recommends for pet parents with a case of the wanderlust:

     1.    In the car: Schachner recommends the Good2Go Safe & Hound Easy Click Seatbelt Adapter so that furry family members can “buckle up!”

     2.    Seat covers: Good2Go Seat Hammock provides comfort for pet and protects car interior.

     3.    On the plane: "If you plan to travel by air with your pet, know the airline's pet policies, including size requirements for the passenger and cargo areas," said Schachner. "When I travel with my dog Cali, I love using the Sherpa To Go Pet Carrier, which is approved for in-cabin use by most major airlines."

     4.    Dogs with anxiety: Thundershirt Anxiety Solution for dogs can help with the travel stress.

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Animal Planet host weighs in on pet travel: Trip preparation and packing

Photo by Christina Spicuzza  CC BY-SA
Animal Planet host weighs in on pet travel: Trip preparation and packing

By Stacey McIntyre-Gonzalez

Just like researching documents in advance is a wise decision making a list of what to pack early on can save pet owners a lot of headaches and grief. “If you are scrambling the night before a trip- running to the pet store and trying to grab as many items as you can it’s probably not the best idea- especially if you are flying,” Animal Planet host Dan Schachner explained during May 6 interview.

Like previously mentioned pets may need certain medications while travelling and being sure these meds can enter the country is highly important. It is also important to make sure you have enough meds to get your pet through the trip. Other general up-keep items may be required such as nail clippers, brush, dental care items, ear cleansers and grooming supplies. Any liquids may be regulated by border security and may not be allowed on airplanes in certain quantities. An emergency first-aid kit is always a good idea for any travelling pet.

Animal Planet host weighs in on pet travel: Air travel and car rides

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Animal Planet host weighs in on pet travel: Air travel and car rides

By Stacey McIntyre-Gonzalez

Crossing the border with a pet can be complicated and daunting for pet owners. Animal Planet host Dan Schachner has been there too. “Bear in mind that certain things are going to be tricky- security for example might be a little bit tricky with the dog,” Schachner said on May 6.  “You are going to have to remove the dog from the carrier and take it with you. TSA people will want to examine your pet. There are going to be some steps along the way where they are really going to scrutinize your animal and then the animal is going to have to go back into its carrier.”

Pet travel will be more difficult when flying for many reasons but knowing airline regulations can make the whole process go smoother. The pet will have to be in a well ventilated crate or carrier of some sort. Schachner recommends allowing the pet to get a lot of exposure to the carrier before the trip to make the animal feel more at ease while travelling.

Animal Planet host weighs in on pet travel: Health records and crossing the border

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Animal Planet host weighs in on pet travel: Health records and crossing the border

When you picture a family vacation do you see your pets there with you? Imagine the sun on your face and the sand beneath your feet- and your dog by your side. Does it seem attainable? Animal Planet host and Puppy Bowl referee Dan Schachner thinks that it is and he has teamed up with Petco to help pet owners prepare for a trip with their pets. Although it does require a lot of planning in advance and dedicated research, traveling with your dog or cat can be a safe and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Schachner knows this because he is living it. He and I interviewed over the phone May 6 while he was in sunny Florida, US at the Trade Winds Grand Resort on St. Pete beach with Hank. Hank is a 5 year old hound mix who is available for adoption at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Schachner himself is a foster parent to a poodle and spaniel mix. Trade Winds Grand Resort is a pet friendly resort- one of many that are converting to pro-pet throughout North America. Schachner has traveled with pets many times and he knows that the first time going foreign with Fido can be overwhelming.

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