Pet of the Month: July 2013

Pet of the Month July 2013: Baby and her pet parent have a special bond

All photos by Jessy
Meet Bracken- or Baby as she is lovingly referred to. Baby may be small for a Bernese mountain dog but her heart is ten times her size. Despite all odds and regardless of what the world throws at them, Baby and her pet parent Jessy enjoy life together with a positive outlook and a whole lot of ‘puppy’ love.

Baby has a rough start to her life. When Baby was adopted from her breeder she had the Parvo virus, which can be deadly for dogs- especially puppies. Baby spent a lot of time in the veterinary hospital trying to recover so she could be in her forever home. It took a lot of time and a lot more love from her family to get Baby to where she is today.

Jessy and Baby were both nervous but with all of that love came good health and finally Jessy was able to bring Baby home where she belongs- with her dedicated and wonderful family.

Now Baby is by Jessy’s side “24/7” and is a loving and caring companion who is just as dedicated to Jessy as Jessy is to her. Jessy suffers from relapsing/remitting Multiple Sclerosis which causes her legs to be weak but Baby is right there by her side to take care of her as her owner did for her. Nothing is stronger than the bond between Jessy and her family- and that family includes Baby!

Baby loves taking long walks for miles with Jessy’s father in the hills behind their home. She especially loves these walks because she is accompanied by the 6 other dogs in her family-including two other Bernese mountain dogs. Although Jessy can’t always be a part of the walks her dogs go on the time she has with them, her family and her partner keep her going.

Jessy is very good with the computer and has a natural talent for photography. She has over 2000 beautiful photos of Baby and her other dogs. They are spoilt but not spoilt rotten- they are just living a great life where they are well groomed, well fed and get plenty of exercise and affection.

Jessy hopes to someday enter her three Bernese mountain dogs into competitions locally. They are beautiful creatures and are very well trained and behaved. Baby would be proud to do it because Jessy’s happiness is what Baby loves the most!

Baby’s favorite things:

-Bones and chews, but not so much toys. Baby likes something she can sink her teeth in to.
-Long walks in the hill side with her four legged family members.
-Treats! Treats!
-Posing for pictures like a good girl.
-Time outside with the wind in her fur!
-Her two-legged Jessy.


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