Top 10 Popular & Wacky Pet Names of 2013

Bella of the ball: the most popular pet name of 2013 pays homage to Twilight

Is your pets name inspired by a vampire- or by a burrito? If so then maybe your pets name made the list. Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) has released its list of the Top Pet Names of 2013 along with an extensive list of some of the wackiest pet names.


Bella and Max top the list of most common pet names for the second year in a row. VPI uses a database of 500,000 insured pets to determine the most common dog and cat names. Bella is number one for both dog and cat showing that pop culture is still influencing peoples name choices.

Human names continue to be all the rage as well for pets- some of the popular pet names even appeared on popular baby name lists. Falling off the list of popular cat names was Smokey but both lists were very similar to last year- and one another.

For something different check out the list of 2013’s wacky pet names. It is well worth the read- with names like Cheeto Burrito and Stinky Monkey making the top ten the list is a good laugh. VPI didn’t disappoint- these are the top ten dog and cat names, plus the top ten wackiest pet names that made the list for 2013.

Top 10 Dog Names of 2013

1.       Bella

2.       Max

3.       Bailey

4.       Lucy

5.       Molly

6.       Daisy

7.       Charlie

8.       Buddy

9.       Maggie

10.   Sophie

Top 10 Cat Names of 2013

1.       Bella

2.       Max

3.       Chloe

4.       Oliver

5.       Lucy

6.       Charlie

7.       Sophie

8.       Lily

9.       Shadow

10.   Tiger

Top 10 Wacky Dog Names of 2013

1. Sir Knuckles da Dragon

2. HotRod Whoofington

3. Captain Underpants

4. Stinky Monkey

5. Taco Salad

6. Dallas Cowdog

7. Hunk Heartbreaker

8. Ice Bingbing

9. Potato Chip

10. Bunny Money Dogg

Top 10 Wacky Cat Names of 2013

1. Cheeto Burrito

2. Fuzzbutt

3. Mama Pajama

4. Lady Fluffington

5. Nut Job

6. Stinky Baby

7. Doctor Whiskers

8. Rum Tum Tugger Too

9. Fatness

10. Pizza Guy


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