Fun things in the future for Paws For Reaction

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Fun things in the future for Paws For Reaction

Its a new year and its time to do some fun new things! Paws For Reaction is introducing some fun new online partnerships! Thanks to our amazing readers we are able to reach a wider audience and we want to tell you all about it!

The Paws For Reaction editor in chief and top contributor has been selected to be the Ottawa Animal Training Examiner on Examiner is a fantastic news and information website that features writers and researchers who specialize in different things- like pets for instance. Check us out there!

Paws For Reaction has also partnered up with! is a site where you can make a list for just about anything, giving it a ranked order. Other rankers can view your list and vote. It is a fun little online community and anyone can join. Paws For Reaction will be featuring Ranker lists on our webpage so stay tuned for that. We want your votes and feedback. Join me on!
Paws For Reaction is featured on Paper Blog. All articles published to our blog are shared to the many readers at Paper Blog so thank you.
Unless a writer or a reader submits a photo to us Paws For Reaction exclusively uses for stock photography so a big thanks to Foter contributors. We will continue to support! It has been such a wonderful first year as a .com so thank you so much to the readers for your support, your emails and all your wonderful pets!
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Want to get in on the fun? Interact with us online! Ask a Question! Get involved! Be featured!

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