Remote control dog toy promotes fitness

Photo courtesy of Go-Go Dog Pal
Techno a Go-Go: This innovative electronic dog toy promotes fitness and fun

Imagine a future where your dog can use technology for entertainment just like you do. Now stop imagining because that future is taking place right now at a dog park or backyard near you. Just like many people own gaming consoles or handheld gaming devices your dog can also play with its own electronic game- if you can fit it in the budget.
The Go-Go Dog Pal is an interactive device that can be used as a game, training tool or a way for your dog to release some energy. This remote control dog toy is shaped in a way that a dog cannot puncture it or get a firm hold onto it. Each Go-Go Dog Pal has a lightweight but durable plastic outer shell decorated like a cartoon woodchuck, raccoon or skunk- making it an innovative and adorable source of entertainment.

According to the Go-Go Dog Pal website “the Pal was invented by dog lovers for dog lovers to improve your dog’s exercise and lifestyle while providing operators with a fun and interactive experience. Much more than a dog training toy, remote control dog toy or dog game, the Go-Go Dog Pal is the ultimate interactive dog toy built to be as fun for the user as it is for the dog.”
Photo courtesy of Go-Go Dog Pal
Not only is this forward thinking product great for people who lack the time to play with their pet but it is extremely useful for dog owners with limited mobility. Many pet owners suffer from health complications and this device is built to help a dog expend its energy and stimulate its mind while allowing the pet parent to relax and have fun. Control the dogs play with a remote- and the battery lasts 15 minutes driving continuously at full speed- 21 mph.
The Go-Go Dog Pal website states that the Go-Go Dog Pal was created by “a man that enjoyed taking his remote control car out for a spin. His dog enjoyed it too! It was a wonderfully interactive dog game he played with his four-legged friend. His dog would chase the car until he couldn't run anymore. It became a dog exercise toy! However, the car wasn't a dog toy, and it wasn't a toy squirrel either. By combining these ideas together he created The Go-Go Dog Pal.”

That man was William Bowen and his inspiration was his dog Kota. He will be evolving the Go-Go Dog Pal’s look in near future. “We are working on interchangeable accessories like ears, tails, wings, antennas, horns, antlers. Our customers will be able to continually change the look and experience of the chase for their dogs. These two characters are the first of many more coming soon,” William Bowen said in a press release for San Diego Business Wire.

The device can be operated on surfaces such as “very short grass, synthetic turf, packed gravel or dirt, pavement or hard surfaces like outdoor tennis and basketball courts.” Users are warned to avoid long grass or vegetation, uneven surfaces or rough terrain. The Go-Go Dog Pal should not be operated on sand, mud or in water and is not recommended on loose gravel and dirt.

Photo courtesy of Go-Go Dog Pal
This toy is built to be durable and will always land right side up if flipped over. If the battery is defective Go-Go Dog Pal will replace it for its customers free of charge. The product has a price tag of $229 and although it doesn't come with a warranty Go-Go Dog Pal offers a repair service. It also comes with a carrying case making it easier to bring to the park. The reality is that like most gaming consoles the Go-Go Dog Pal is not cheap but it can be considered an investment into your dog’s health and well-being.

The unfortunate truth is that according to Pet M.D. “over 50 percent of America's pet population is overweight or obese.” Busy careers and family situations can result in a lack of activity for pets and some dogs can become unruly and overweight. Pet obesity can impact the pets overall health and lead to ailments like strokes and arthritis to name just a few. Obese pet’s lifespans are often significantly shorter than that of a pet that is physically fit. The Go-Go Dog Pal has evolved past the dog treadmill offering a more natural play option.

Go-Go Dog Pal is a company based out of San Diego, California. Their website states that “we are a pet lifestyle company on track to become one of the most recognized toy brands in the pet market. Our focus on technology and our dedication to improving life for pets and owners, alike, are the foundation of our business.”

With technology such an important day-to-day thing in a person’s life it only seems fair to allow technology to enrich the life of a pet. So the next time you are looking for a big gift to give idea for your dog consider a playtime upgrade and get your pet its own version of the new Xbox.

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