Extraordinary pet: Sully

Sully enjoying a birthday SUP session on the Ottawa River.
Photo by Courtney Sinclair Copyright©
Extraordinary pet: Sully's adventure is just beginning

Sully is just over two years old but this dog has seen more adventure than most dogs 10 times his age. That’s because this hound mix has met his match- outdoor adventure and nature enthusiast Courtney Sinclair. Courtney fell in love with Sully’s goofy spirit in a heartbeat and they have explored the Canadian wilderness together ever since.

Courtney fell for Sully’s kind eyes and big ears when a teammate and OSPCA employee brought him to one of their rugby games in hopes of getting him adopted. He as a clumsy puppy and absolutely adorable- Courtney was in love.

They now live together in a house on the waterfront. Sully’s journey with Courtney takes him all over the Ottawa Valley through scenic forests and along glistening rivers. Sully lives right smack in the middle of some of the most beautiful Provincial Parks in Ontario. He loves all of the wildlife he gets to experience and he even gets to chase the occasional squirrel or two.

When Sully is around he is all about fun, loves to play fight and won’t shy away from a game of tug-of-war. He enjoys discovering places with Courtney and learned how to swim. He is now a talented water dog and even does stand up paddle (SUP) with Courtney. This SUP pup saw her up on the board and decided to join in. Now when Courtney goes out on the water she straps Sully into his life-jacket and they both SUP together.

For Sully it is the ultimate exploration but for Courtney it is a passion- she is now a certified SUP instructor. Starting next season Courtney will be offering SUP one-on-one lessons and river adventures in the picturesque Ottawa Valley.

Some of Sully and Courtney’s favorite spots are the Noire River (also known as the Black River) in Quebec and Barron River located in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario. But anytime Sully wants to SUP he just has to grab his mom and go out in the backyard because the world is at his paws.

Sully at home in Mansfield, Quebec.
Photo by Courtney Sinclair Copyright©
Sully loves his monthly Bark Box subscription- it is how he gets his favorite toys and treats. He watches TV on the Oasis Channel and loves the wild animals. Sometimes he runs up to the TV like he’s part of the action- stalking prey with a pack of lions or playing with other four legged creatures.

Sully likes to greet Courtney at the door with a toy in him mouth while making whining and groaning sounds. One time Courtney had a case of beer cans on the floor and when she came home Sully greeted her with the empty beer case. Beer cans were all over the floor and it looked like Sully had thrown a huge party. Maybe that’s why he always has that goofy grin.

Courtney loves the good-natured, positive quality in Sully that most dogs have; the spark that brightens her day with one goofy Sully smile. She adores the unconditional love and acceptance that Sully expresses- she is the best person in his worlds and she can do no wrong. It is a special kind of feeling that Sully brings into her life and it is what makes him an extraordinary pet.

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