Blue Buffalo’s adoption drive rescues one million pets

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Blue Buffalo’s Home 4 the Holidays adoption drive rescues one million pets

Blue Buffalo celebrated a milestone Jan. 26 when a cat named Watermark became the one millionth pet to be adopted this season during their Home 4 the Holidays pet adoption campaign. Watermark was rescued by the Monmouth County SPCA, NJ and waiting for a forever home when the Ferrier family took him and set the record for this year’s adoption drive.

Blue Buffalo’s Home 4 the Holidays campaign was launched in 1999 and since then has become the largest pet adoption program on record. The Home 4 the Holidays drive has saved more than 10 million pets overall and each yearly campaign lasts three months. With so many new pets coming home during the holidays Blue Buffalo uses the campaign as a way to educate the public about happy, healthy pets available for adoption in animal shelters.

 "Thank you, Blue Buffalo, for your commitment and support of shelter animals everywhere in finding their forever home," Leslie Ferrier, Watermark's new pet parent said in a press release. "Blue Buffalo is setting the gold standard for pet businesses to support the greatest cause for all of us – rescuing our best friends."

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Blue Buffalo teamed up with Helen Woodward Animal Center and together they rallied more than 4,000 international pet adoption agencies and rescue groups to join their cause and raise awareness about adoptable pets in their facilities.
The Ferrier family will receive a one-year supply of Blue Buffalo product for their new furry family member. The Monmouth SPCA will receive 2,500 pounds of food for their shelter animals.

"We couldn't be more proud of the work that the Monmouth County SPCA is doing in the region to provide a safe haven for homeless, abused and abandoned pets," said David Petrie, Vice President at Blue Buffalo in a press release. "The Ferrier's adoption of Watermark is a testament to the tremendous efforts being made at the shelter to prepare animals for adoption."

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