Animal Planet host weighs in on pet travel: EXCLUSIVE extras from the interview

Animal Planet host weighs in on pet travel: EXCLUSIVE extras from the interview

Photo by Storm Crypt  CC BY-NC-ND

Being an Animal Planet host and Puppy Bowl referee keeps Dan Schachner busy. When he is not shooting the hit TV show America’s Cutest Pets, supporting animal shelters or teaming up with Petco to educate pet owners he can be found spending time with his children. On May 6 Schachner shared his Top 3 Pet Travel Safety Tips:

1.    Do in depth research. “Get people on the phone- don’t just trust what you read online on pet blogs or traveller experience blogs. Go directly to that airline, that hotel, that destination and do your research as many times as possible- especially if it is your first time.”

     2.    Proper identification. “Second of all make sure your pet has proper ID and by that I mean a tag with not just their name and your name but a cell phone number because you are travelling- you’re not going to be home. So an immediate contact number is key.”

     3.    Packing and preparation. “The third one is sort of an umbrella tip about having all of the right supplies. That’s not just treats, that’s not just food- that’s also medical records, backup medicine if your dog has any conditions.”

Schachner also shared his 4 Personal Pet Travel Products that he recommends for pet parents with a case of the wanderlust:

     1.    In the car: Schachner recommends the Good2Go Safe & Hound Easy Click Seatbelt Adapter so that furry family members can “buckle up!”

     2.    Seat covers: Good2Go Seat Hammock provides comfort for pets and protects the car interior.

     3.    On the plane: "If you plan to travel by air with your pet, know the airline's pet policies, including size requirements for the passenger and cargo areas," said Schachner. "When I travel with my dog Cali, I love using the Sherpa To Go Pet Carrier, which is approved for in-cabin use by most major airlines."

     4.    Dogs with anxiety: Thundershirt Anxiety Solution for dogs can help with travel stress.


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