Keira's Provincial Park tours: Bonnechere Park, Ontario, Canada

Keira's Provincial Park tours: Bonnechere Park, Ontario, Canada

Keira was so excited to go on her first camping trip to Bonnechere Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. We got off to an early morning start, ready for adventure.

Keira has had a lot of outdoor adventures but this was her first overnight camping trip. Bonnechere is a small park but it is beautiful and rich in wildlife. It has a beach that stretches along Round Lake but what I love the most about it is the Bonnechere River.

Early morning fishing is supposed to be the best but unfortunately we didn't catch anything big. Regardless someone was still proud of his catch.

6 AM and the park was still so full of life. We decided to head out of the campground to one of the hiking trails to see if we could spot any wildlife...

We were still in the middle of the campground when we spotted this family of geese- the Canada Goose himself!

What a beautiful sight to see as they headed for their morning swim.

Keira couldn't believe it! Look! Even more wildlife!

A wild rabbit crosses the road right in front of us as we head to the trail.

I love Ontario Parks, their trails are so interactive and educational!

As we head down to the park store to rent a canoe we see a white egret overhead flying towards our destination: the mouth of the Bonnechere River.

Another first for Keira- her first canoe ride! She met a few other dogs in canoes as we explored the long and pristine river.

The Bonnechere River may be one of the most beautiful rivers in all of Ontario.

Lovely lily pads...

...attract interesting friends.

We passed a couple of kissing turtles.

Keira was pretty amazed by the kissing turtles- I think we all were.

We decided to take a little break and explore...

... because you never know what you might find.

We found many beautiful things.

On the way back to the campsite we saw the white egret leading the way home.

 Back on land Keira spots a furry friend!

Best find of the day as far as she is concerned!


But unfortunately too difficult to catch.

Soon it is time for bed and Keira gets to join us to sleep in a tent for the first time. She was happy as long as she was snuggled.

Another fun adventure in one of Ontario's beautiful parks!

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