The #winners are in: What a great day of #ClimateReality #giveaways!

The winners are in: What a great day of giveaways!

Terra20 ecobar: Refillable household cleaning products for sustainable living. Free of harsh chemicals and eco-friendly!

The winners of the giveaways have been announced on the Paws For Reaction Facebook page! I just want to say thank you to everyone for their support! It means so much to have such amazing people in my life willing to donate to my fundraiser. I'm so grateful and never expected so much generosity.

The training to become a Climate Reality Corps Leader is pretty intense and I'm really excited to take this step. This organization is really unique in that is focuses on science, impacts and solutions. To be part of the Climate Reality Project I will be among a group of hopeful leaders working together towards a common goal using positive communication.

Those of you who donated to my fundraiser really made this possible for me. Honestly, without you I would have not been able to afford this trip. Thank you so much for giving me this incredible experience and opportunity. I promise to give back to you.

The winner of the Terra20 gift card was randomly drawn by Kayla at the Pinecrest store today! Thank you to Kayla and Erin at Terra20, and to all of those who work at Terra20. By being a part of this company, you are making a positive impact everyday you go in to work!

Leeann was the winner of the gift card!

I used a random name generator for the rest of the draws!

Big thank you to Crofter's Organic! I love this Ontario based company not just because they have a great line of products- which they do! They are not just about preserves; they are also about preserving nature! Thank you for the generous donation and the support!

Carlie was the winner of the Crofter's Organic gift 'hanging' basket!

Linda and Karolyn won the Me to We Rafiki bracelets!

Courtney won the book Comfortable Unaware!

I'm leaving my Go Fund Me page open for last minuet donations to help me reach my goal! Thank you again for all of your help!

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