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Give your food a hug: Food Huggers help reduce waste and keep food fresh

I’m always looking for ways to reduce my waste. One thing I absolutely hate is plastic wrap and plastic baggies. Cling wrap is not recyclable and doesn’t keep food fresh. Since I go through a lot of produce it was important that I find an eco-friendly alternative to cling wrap and bags that was not one-time use, and would keep my fruit and vegetables their freshest.

My search for an eco-alternative lead me to Food Huggers®. Food waste is one of the biggest environmental challenges we face. According to the Food Huggers website “more than 48% of the fruits and vegetables purchased in the United States end up in the trash.” One-time use plastics like disposable baggies are polluting the oceans and habitats of wildlife across the world. Food waste is the largest contributor to landfills in the US, and the folks at Food Huggers have designed a product to help fight exactly that.

Food Huggers are made with 100% food safe silicon, and are BPA and Phthalate free. They do exactly what the name describes- they give your food a hug! They are designed to fit most produce and can even be used as tops of jars, cans and bottles. They even have avocado shaped Food Huggers! Food Huggers help you save money; eliminating the need to purchase one-time use plastics and keep your produce fresh to help cut down on food waste in your home. Plus, they have a lifetime guarantee.

What I love about Food Huggers


I ordered Food Huggers to do an honest product review for my readers because I was really intrigued by the product, and once I shared that I had ordered them I received messages from friends and family asking me what I thought. I have been using my Food Huggers for a few months. I can honestly say they are just as good as they appear to be! The claim on their website is that Food Huggers help retain 23% more moisture in the produce than food stored in plastic baggies. I have to say that this is true. My fruit and vegetable left-overs that I use my Food Huggers with stay fresher for longer.

Food Huggers are easy to clean- they are dishwasher safe, but since they are so easy to clean by hand I rarely ever need to put them in the dishwasher. They don’t leak when they are on the end of my produce, which was my number one concern when I purchased them. They seal on tight, and I must say, they look adorable. Everyone who sees them in my fridge asks me about them, and I’m proud to show off my eco-friendly alternative.

I use Food Huggers to cover cans, when previously I was using tin foil. Food Huggers have eliminated my need to buy plastic wrap, plastic baggies and tin foil. When I received my Food Huggers I was impressed to discover that even the packaging they arrived in was made from 100% recycled cardstock. I love eco-conscious companies that go that extra mile.

Food Huggers get the Paws For Reaction Eco Paw of Approval. They make great gifts or stocking stuffers. I highly recommend this product to anyone who eats food- so everyone! You can reduce waste and give your food a hug!

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