Top Five Friday: Hazel's top five favourite dog treats #FridayFive

Top Five Friday: Hazel's top five favourite dog treats 

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It's time to kick off Top Five Friday! I was trying to determine what my first topic would be, but I decided to let Hazel make the list instead. When it comes to things Hazel loves, food is at the top of her list. Here is Hazel's top five dog treats, ranked from least to most yummy! Who am I kidding, she thinks they are ALL super yummy! But I had to rank them based on how she reacts to them. I guess a better way to say it would be ranked from chews them slightly to swallows them whole!

5. Northern Biscuits

Hazel loves Northern Biscuits, and to be fair so do I! No, I don't eat them! I just really like supporting a Canadian brand. These hand-crafted biscuits come in a wide assortment of flavours to munch on. The business was born in Toronto and use locally sourced ingredients. They are an environmentally conscious brand that sheds light on the importance of recyclable packaging. These biscuits come in paper or cardboard packaging that can go right in the recycling bin! 

4. Benny Bully's

Is there a dog that doesn't like freeze-dried liver? No, seriously is there- I want to know! Benny Bully's are classic treats that most dogs will never turn their noses up to. They are made in Canada too! While Benny Bully's treats have a larger selection to choose from than just liver, Hazel likes the liver best. A little sneaky tip I give pet owners who have difficulty getting their dog to eat certain foods of play with certain toys is to shake them in Benny Bully' liver dust. You used to have to save the dust from the bottom of the bag of treats, but now Benny Bully's sells a bag of just liver dust!

3. C.E.T. VeggieDents

Virbac C.E.T. VeggieDents are dental chews that you can purchase online or from your veterinary clinic. As far as dental chews go, these are the best of the best. All I have to do is ask Hazel "do you want a chew?" and she comes running. These chews help control tartar, freshen breath and the shape is designed to maximize teeth cleaning during the chewing process. The vegetable formula is great for dogs with meat allergies or sensitive stomachs.

2. Brocolli

Not a treat you can buy in the store, but honest to dog, it's one of Hazel's top treats! When I'm cutting up broccoli I save the stalks, give them a good wash and chop them up into snackable bites for Hazel. I keep them in the fridge, but sometimes in the summer, I pop some in the freezer to make the perfect frozen snack. Like any treat, I never give her too much broccoli at one time. She loves her broccoli snacks. If she is reluctant to come inside, I just say "do you want broccoli?" and she bolts to the door. My neighbours must have thought I was crazy!

Old Mother Hubbard dog biscuits.

1. Old Mother Hubbard

Hazel is absolutely crazy about Old Mother Hubbard dog biscuits. The first time I brought home the Bac’N’Cheez flavour, I gave her some and put them on the shelf. She just sat there staring up at them lovingly. Even though she is a big dog, the size small is the perfect size for her to snack on. They also have apple and carrots to add to the flavour profile, and Old Mother Hubbard uses natural ingredients and no dyes. These treats also come in recyclable packaging! 

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