Santa Paws is coming to town: Merry Christmas!

Deck the halls: Merry Christmas and happy holidays Saint Bernese dog

Bark the halls: Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Hazel 

This holiday season we were gifted with further Covid-19 lockdowns in Ontario. I know for folks in assisted living facilities, small business owners, non-essential workers, and single people who live alone, this news is a tough turkey to swallow. For the next 28 days, some of us will be separated from the people we love the most. It will be difficult, but we will get through this together.

For many essential workers, things may get harder. Work may become busier, customers may become less patient, and work-life balance may become more difficult to maintain. Above all else, be kind to each other. Curbside and physical distancing will further disconnect us. The pandemic has isolated us. Don't forget you have a support system. It's really easy to feel alone right now, but you are not alone. 

Hazel and I wish all of you happy holidays and Merry Christmas. I hope you find ways to connect with your loved ones and celebrate in a way that is safe and memorable. 

Santa Paws is coming to town: Merry Christmas from Paws For Reaction

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