Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

Smooch your pooch: The ultimate Valentine's Day gift guide for dogs!

Ultimate Valentine's Day gift guide for dogs
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Love is in the air and I'm on the hunt for the most romantic pet gifts all the dogs are barking about! We love our dogs more than we love most people, so why not spoil our dogs for Valentine's Day? I spent days searching and uncovering the most unique, quirky, fun-loving, and of course, romantic Valentine's Day gifts for dogs that Etsy has to offer. When you shop Etsy, you support small businesses, artists, and makers, a pretty lovable thing to do. I featured Etsy shops located in North America with 5-star ratings (at the time of post). No need to sniff anywhere else to find a Valentine for your pup because this is the ultimate Valentine's Day gift guide for your dog.

Give your dog the perfect Valentine

The perfect gift starts with the perfect card! Valentine's Day is all about giving cards, and I know you want to find find the best Valentine's Day card for your dog. Well, I think I found it!

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs best Valentine's Day dog card

The boop: Simple, adorable, and a symbol of unconditional love. I know what you're thinking. Of course, I picked a card featuring a dog that looks like Hazel. I couldn't help myself! The Saint Bernard boop is too cute to handle. But before you say bye-bye to the boop, Hot Pink Studio offers the dog boop card featuring a variety of dog breeds including German Shepherd, Great Dane, Bernese Mountain DogChihuahua, Pitbull, Golden Retriever, and Border Collie. The card is a downloadable file that you print yourself. With this boop, I ask you: Will you be my Valentine? 

Gifts your dog will drool over

Life is like a box of chocolates, unless you're a dog. For dogs, a box of chocolates could mean life and death. It's important to keep toxic Valentine's Day chocolate away from curious snouts. That doesn't mean dogs can't have their own heart-shaped goodies. These are Valentine's Day dog treats that will warm your pup's heart- and fill a hungry tummy! 

Valentine's Day gifts for dogs treats dog macarons

Treat your pet like royalty! Bonne et Filou Macarons for dogs are a luxurious treat for the pooch that rules your world. This French-inspired brand uses high-quality ingredients sourced locally (New York) to create tasty macarons. They are packaged beautifully and perfect for those who live for luxury and love to indulge their dogs in style. Bonne et Filoe Macarons are available in a variety of flavours: Lavender, Strawberry, Mint, Vanilla, Rose, Pumpkin, Peanut Butter, Raspberry, Birthday Cake, Crème brûlée, Cheese, and Salted Caramel. Bonne et Filoe Macarons are available on Etsy and the shop has a perfect 5-star rating! Bon Appétit!

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs treats

Hazel has a big sweet tooth and loves iced dog cookies, even though the eats them too fast to admire the beauty.  Dante's Doggy Delights: A Mom & Pup Barkery & Boutique is stocked full of sweet treats that are decorated and delicious! The Valentine's Day collection of gourmet treats is sure to make your pup's heart soar.

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

What I love the most is Dante's Doggy Delights cookies are made in Canada! This doggy bakery is based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. 
Dante's Doggy Delights was featured in Modern Dog Magazine and the Etsy shop is a Star Seller with a perfect 5-star rating and rave reviews from happy customers, and happier dogs. Each treat is handmade using organic ingredients because this mom and pup bakery believes pets are family and should be fed with care. Spread the love and eat some cookies! Did someone say nom-nom?

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs  Be Mine cookie

Another dog bakery that has been struck by Cupid's arrow is Houndsome Dog Bakery. Gotta love their name! At Houndsome Dog Bakery romance and the smell of cookies is in the air. Their Valentine's Day collection of expertly decorated handmade dog cookies is date night worthy. 

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

These cookie designs give dogs a taste of what their human's Valentine's Day is like. The Valentine's Day collection includes gourmet cookies decorated to look like a box of chocolates and chocolate-covered strawberries. Both are romantic sweets dogs can't have because chocolate is toxic to dogs. But Houndsome Dog Bakery found a way to make your dog's chocolate-covered dreams come true!

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs  box of chocolates

Gifts for the playful pooch

Games are fine on Valentine's Day as long as they are not games of the heart. Show your love by gifting your pooch one of these festive Valentine's Day dog toys.

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs handmade doughnut dog toy

Does your dog go nuts for doughnuts? Hazel goes nuts for anything with sprinkles. Miso Handmade dog toys are hand-stitched. Toys are made with gorgeous merino wool felt from an American mill that has been making wool felts since 1905.

Miso Handmade is an Etsy Star Selling located in Vallejo, California that has over 4000 customer reviews. Cat owners should check out Miso Handmade because their catnip toys are purrrfect Valentine's Day gifts for cats!

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

I'm a little obsessed with snuffle mats! Hazel tracks with her nose so much in the winter. It must be the Saint Bernard in her that makes her determined to find things in the snow. I was searching for ways to mentally stimulate dogs with determined noses and discovered SnuffleMatCo. The SnuffleMatCo flower is the perfect bouquet to give to your dog on Valentine's Day! 

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs  Snuffle Mat

Snuffle mats provide mental stimulation and entertainment that can help reduce your dog's energy level, which helps a lot on freezing winter days when our dogs can't spend time outdoors. They will help reduce boredom until temperatures rise again. 

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

Snuffle mats are great training tools! The mat is a slow feeder, helps reduce naughty behaviour, and allows your dog to experience the joy of 'hunting' for food! SnuffleMatCo's products are handmade and have a satisfaction guarantee. The soft fabric mats are surprisingly durable, have a no-slip grip, and are machine washable- now THAT'S something I can wag my tail at. Dogs experience the world through with their noses, so treat your dog to some snuffing this Valentine's Day.

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

Everyone celebrates Valentine's Day a little differently. Some like a low-key date night, some prefer extravagance and don't acknowledge the holiday at all. A playful pooch wants to pawty! The Pawty Shoppe has everything you need! They assemble personalized Valentine's Howliday Pails filled with toys, treats, and other goodies- everything your dog needs to pawty the night away!

Gifts that will make your dog look good

We all want to look our best on Valentine's Day so our canines should look cute too. Consider giving the gift of gorgeous: Valentine's Day dog apparel and collar accessories.

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

The first step to looking good is smelling good. Freshen up your dog for Valentine's Day with the Attire by Archie Paw Wash dog shampoo. Attire by Archie is a Canadian brand, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with an adventurous spirit that comes through in their products. The canine inspiration behind the brand is Archie, a Bernese Mountain Dog. The Paw Wash is a package-free, handmade dog shampoo bar (LOVE IT!) with oatmeal and honey- something sweet for your sweetie! 

Time to get all dogged up! Collar embellishments spice up your dog's regular look. I'm crazy about collar flowers! They can be worn to celebrate a holiday, showcase your dog's personality, or get all dressed up for grandmaw's house.

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs flower collar

Love Matisse creates beautiful collar flowers for pets. Flowers are made from wool felt, hand-rolled, and fashioned with a velcro collar attachment. Shop owner and designer Stephanie Martz's dog apparel is quirky, featuring fun and eye-catching prints. Her 5-star Etsy shop is a Star Seller and offers a variety of accessories for dogs with big personalities. 

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

Love Matisse felt flowers are its specialty, but if you're looking for a different way to dress up your dog, the Valentine's Day Collection features an adorable printed fabric flower

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

If printed fabric flowers are your dog's style, Miami Pet Life is where you'll find a pawsome gift for your pup. Their Valentine's Day collection is colourful and fun- exactly what you would expect from a Miami-based brand. These handmade collar flowers are getting 5-star rave reviews and are a pretty doggy date night accessory! 

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

Do you heart your dog's collar? I bet there's a way you can heart it more! If you're looking for a truly original collar embellishment check out Mimi Green! Their collars and pet products are handmade, custom, and cool- I'd expect no less from a pug owner! The wool felt 'We Heart Your Dog' collar embellishment is a heartfelt Valentine's Day accessory for your dog. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and now your dog can wear her heart on her collar!

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs bow tie

Classy doggy dates call for a more classic look: the bow tie. With over 56,000 sales and more than 68,000 reviews, The Bold Bow Tie is the classiest place to shop for a dog bow tie

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

This 5-star rated Etsy Star Seller makes exceptionally high-quality bow ties for both pets and people. The Bold Bow Tie's review section is filled with photos of adorable dogs looking happy and stylish wearing their new bow ties. 

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

The last item that will have your dog looking dapper on Valentine's Day is a dog bandana. The above-mentioned Love Matisse shop also has a collection of Valentine's Day dog bandanas, like a t-rex bandana for the dino-loving dog.

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

I'm crazy about Pip and Pop Pawtique! Their wacky dog bandanas have a sense of humour, including their Valentine's Day bandanas. Canadian made in Red Deer, Alberta, they stock a variety of quirky love-inspired snap-on bandanas handmade with love, and a little pizzazz!

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

Is your dog's kiss on your list, or is it too goobery? Another Canadian shop I love is Puppy Riot. This Nova Scotia brand has a mix of classy and sassy Valentine's Day dog bandanas. They even personalize bandanas to feature your dog's name. 

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

Puppy Riot has over 20,000 sales and a perfect 5-star rating. Bandanas are handmade using 100% cotton fabric. Your dog's name can be embroidered for an additional fee.

Gifts for dogs that strut their stuff

These paws are made for walking and whether it's a moonlit walk in soft snow or a sunset walk along the beach, your furbaby should look flirty and festive. Give the gift of a Valentine's day dog leash and collar. Dog walking never looked so good! 

Valentine's day dog leashes and collars

Zaley Designs wants you to say NO to ugly dog collars- and leases! This is your one-stop-shop for Valentine's Day dog leashes. These handmade webbing leashes are durable and can be machine-washed over and over. Leashes sold at this 5-star Etsy shop are made to order.

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

Canadian shop Diva and Dudes Collar Co. is the best place to purchase a collar for a cause. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, this 5-star rated Etsy shop donates $1 from each item sold to Manitoba Great Pyrenees Rescue. Do something special for a mountain dog in need by purchasing one of their Valentine's Day dog collars. Give your dog some love, while giving back!

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

My dog is spoiled as f*ck! WiggleBumz recognizes that all dogs should be spoiled and has created the ULTIMATE Valentine's Day dog collar for spoiled dogs. Located in Cornhill, New Brunswick, this Canadian brand features a variety of dog collars with sass. WiggleBumz works with rescues and donates collars for dogs and cats looking for their forever home. Spoil the f*ck out of your dog this Valentine's Day!

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

iDoggos want to dress your dog in all the trappings of luxury this Valentine's Day. This Montreal, Quebec brand creates high-quality dog harnesses that sell out quickly. These floral picks- Daisy and Rosie- are Valentine's Day dog harnesses for the dog who sits on a throne and rules the home. 

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs harness

iDoggos elegant products are handmade and can be personalized for your pooch. Sophisticated dogs will love these fashionable walking accessories. 

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

Who knew you could say I love you with poop pick up? Your Royal Harness, that's who! 
This 5-star rated Etsy shop is located in my home province of Ontario. Yes, I found a Valentine's Day-appropriate dog poop bag dispenser. You're welcome! 

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

If dog walking accessories are your Valentine's dessert, then Pawesome Pups is the cherry on top! Finish off your dog's festive dog walk look with a Valentine's Day pet identification tag. In fact, when it comes to holiday-themed dog walking accessories, Pawesome Pups takes the cake! They have one of the biggest and most unique Valentine's Day collections I've seen!

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

Gifts for the dog house

No, your dog's not in the dog house. These gift ideas are Valentine's Day dog home decor and household items that your dog may not appreciate as much as you do. But your dog adores you, so if you're happy then everyone's happy!

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs home decor

A rose by any other name would be called a dog because they are the most beautiful creatures. I'll admit they don't smell as good as a rose, but we love with our hearts, not our noses! Toad and Lily create personalized home goods for dogs, and the rustic charm and flowery imagery give me all the Valentine's Day feels! Located in Perth, Ontario, their shop is so close to me, I could strike it with Cupid's arrow! 

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

PUPPY BUTTS!!! You heard it here first! Actually, you may have heard of Vancouver-based watercolour artist Emily LeMoine before, she's kind of a big deal. Her 5-star Etsy shop Art by Emily LeMoine features a variety of breathtaking prints, coffee mugs, and greeting cards, but her puppy butt artwork is absolutely precious. If her puppy butt-themed Valentine's Day dog coffee mugs don't make your butt wiggle, I'm don't know what will. 

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

Here's a fun new way to cast your loving gaze on your dog. Your dog can be a cover model! Homey Prints, located in Toronto, Ontario, specialises in creating custom digital prints and portraits of pets to make your home feel a little more 'homey'. Gift your dog a magazine cover dog portrait for Valentine's Day and your pup can admire you admiring her!

Ultimate Valentine's Day gift guide for dogs

Since most of these lovely items require shipping (digital prints excluded) it's best to order now so your items arrive in time for Valentine's Day. Thank you for supporting small North American businesses, artists, and makers. May your day of love be filled with goobery kisses, hands in paws, snout snuggles, and puppy butts. Happy Valentine's Day from Hazel and me! 

Adorable and unique Valentine's Day gifts for dogs

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