Ottawa dog blog: Paws For Reaction blogger interviewed by Delivery Rank

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Ottawa dog blog: Paws For Reaction blogger interviewed by Delivery Rank
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It's always nice to be appreciated! It has been such an exciting year for Hazel and me. We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Paws For Reaction. To make us feel extra special, the folks at DeliveryRank interviewed me about Paws For Reaction: the past, present and future of my Ottawa dog blog. 

DeliveryRank is an online resource for meal delivery services and subscription boxes. It shares articles covering everything from nutritional guidance to health trends and advancements in the food and beverage industry. DeliveryRank recently launched a new segment for pet owners, sharing articles featuring pet bloggers and information on pet food delivery services. Information shared on DeliveryRank has so much value, especially since we are ordering so many of our everyday items for delivery.

Ottawa Dog Blog Paws For Reaction

I enjoyed answering the interview questions because it made me think back to that first-ever National Cupcake Day post on Paws For Reaction in 2012 before I had Keira and Hazel or a career in the veterinary medicine industry to now, as Hazel is entering her senior years, Keira is over the rainbow bridge, I live in a different city, and I've accomplished so much in my career. Thinking of the future of Paws For Reaction is tough because I enjoy the natural evolution of the blog. The journey has evolved with me authentically and has been impacted by so many life experiences, losses and gains, failures and successes. At times it has been quiet and at times it has been loud. I don't know any other way.

What I'm most proud of are the incredible connections I've made, with individuals I've interviewed, pet experts, guest bloggers, retailers and creators, charitable organizations, animal rescues, and wildlife and nature conservation. What I'm most grateful for is my readers and even though I'm ten years into writing Paws For Reaction I'm still surprised to see that folks are reading. I have no clue what the blog will become, but I know it will be authentically me- and Hazel!

Ottawa Dog Blog Paws For Reaction

Today I asked Hazel "Did you know you're famous?" In response, she sneezed on my bare legs and walked away. Leave it to Hazel to stay humble. Thank you DeliveryRank for featuring our little Ottawa dog blog! We are very appreciative to have been selected. It was an unexpected and happy surprise.  

Read my interview with DeliveryRank! CLICK HERE to read the Q&A!

Delivery Rank Ottawa Dog Blog Paws For Reaction

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