Wild Wednesday is back: Ontario wildlife conservation needs your help

July is Wild About Wildlife Month: Wild Wednesday celebrates local wildlife conservation

July is Wild About Wildlife Month: Wild Wednesday celebrates local wildlife conservation

We are living in truly wild times. I'm excited to get wild for all the right reasons because July is Wild About Wildlife Month! This month Paws For Reaction will show appreciation for local wildlife rescue workers and conservation centres. Veterinary professionals, scientists, nature conservationists, and countless invaluable volunteers in the Ottawa region are working hard to protect biodiversity and save and support wildlife in need. They are launching stewardship programs, repopulating endangered species, educating the public, fighting for protected lands, and rehabilitating wildlife at sanctuaries. They are working long hours, throughout the pandemic, and making sacrifices because they care deeply for animals. They are committed to rewilding as many animals as possible. Their dedication to nature and the survival of local wildlife should be seen as a dedication to our community and the future of the planet- because it is. I sometimes wonder if these incredible folks know how far their kindness reaches and the impact they make? The difference they make in their conservation centres makes a positive impact on our nation and the planet. Thank you. You are changing the world. 

Paws For Reaction is excited to once again show appreciation for these individuals and organizations. That's what Wild Wednesday is all about! I will feature a different wildlife rehabilitation centre or conservation organization in Ontario every Wednesday, beginning next week. I'm going to introduce you to some animals that need your help and let you know how you can get involved. I'll also share a Canadian animal fact with each post. 

Wild Wednesday isn't the only thing you have to look forward to this month on the bog. I'm sharing wildlife-related content including a fantastic guest blog, book recommendations, and current local actions you can get involved in to help save wildlife. It's time. Brush your fur and ruffle your feathers. Let's get wild!

July is Wild About Wildlife Month: Wild Wednesday celebrates local wildlife conservation

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