#Slim Down #Resolution: #Toys to Keep #Dogs & #Cats #Active

Slim down resolution: Toys to keep your pet active

Photo via PetValu website

For your dog: Angry Birds Tuff Stuff Flyer
This interactive novelty toy is tough and durable but at the same time this toy is flexible and easy on the dog's teeth. The flyer can be thrown long distances allowing for great games of fetch. It also hovers in the air- almost floating- and forcing the dog to stretch and work its muscles to retrieve it. Made with durable ballistic-nylon and double stitched seams this flyer also doubles as a chew toy for aggressive chewers. Play a game of Angry Birds with your pet!

This toy will keep your dogs attention for hours. not only does it hold treats that the canine can smell and will work to retrieve but the rubber ends bounce promoting active play. The rubber ends are great to chew on and work to help clean teeth and gums. It comes in three sizes so it can work for a number of different breeds of dog. The fact that is dispenses treats is great- your dog will be rewarded for all the calories it burns off!

For your cat: Martha Stewart Pets Caterpillar Pom Pom Dangler
This multi-coloured interactive teaser toy it great for keeping your cat healthy. Dangling the pom-poms over the cats head will make the pet stand up and stretch its arms over its head. This helps work the muscles. The soft pom-poms get caught in the pets claws and the cat will play with you for hours- that means exercise for both of you.

All cat teasers are great toys to help a cat lose weight- the best toy in my opinion.

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