Support me for #SPCA #Cupcake Day: How to #Donate!

My online bakery for SPCA Cupcake Day

By Stacey Gonzalez

                    Photo by Stacey Gonzalez ©Copyright

Check out the link to my online bakery! For all those in #Pembroke, Ontario, #Canada I will be at PetValu in the 1100 Pembroke st. East Mall February 25 to sell cupcakes to raise money for the Ontario SPCA!

 Hi friends and family!

As most of you know it wasn’t too long ago that my family dog Oliver was attacked by another dog. Luckily for Ollie he comes from a good home and lives with a family that loves him and has a mom that can afford to pay for his surgery.

Not all animals have that luxury. Some of them are hungry. Some of them are neglected. Some of they are sick and are without a loving pet parent to go above and beyond for them.

 I am now working at PetValu and have been able to lend a hand in getting animals from the SPCA adopted. I have helped out first hand and it’s been really cool to be involved. I’ve met some of the friendly SPCA worker, breeders, animal handlers and animal photographers who make a difference every day. They work hard to give a happy ending to these animals’ stories- but they need our help.

On February 25 I will be selling cupcakes at PetValu in the 1100 Pembroke st. E Mall to raise money for animals in our local shelter. All proceeds for cupcake day go to the Ontario SPCA. I know not all of you are in Pembroke but if you would like to help out I ask could you please donate $1 online- it’s safe and easy!

If you’re in Pembroke come buy one of my cupcakes! They are going to be awesome! :)

Thank you in advance for your help- this isn’t organized by the store, it’s just me and Rob with  PetValu being gracious enough to give me a place to slang my cupcakes hahaha!


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