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Make your pet smile this Valentine's Day with dental treats for cats and dogs

With Valentine's Day just around the corner and National Pet Dental Health Month here already we are reminded just how important our pet's oral care really is.

With only one per cent of pet owners regularly brushing their pet’s teeth it’s no surprise that veterinarians have seen a rise in kidney and heart problems as a result of oral infections. But let’s face it- this is the real world. Not everyone- myself included- has time to brush their pet’s teeth every day.  

Lucky for us modern pet owners there are a number of treats for cats and dogs to reduce plaque build-up and control tartar. Dental treats are a fast, easy solution for us busy pet owners to add a little preventative care into our daily routine. Although brushing teeth regularly is the best preventative care dental treats are designed to clean teeth and freshen breath. Plus pets love them and they can be used in combination with teeth brushing to ensure the ultimate in a fresh, furry smile.

The following is four of my favourite edible dental treats. Pets love them and pet parents nationwide love the results they see. So check out these products and make sure the kisses your pet gives you this Valentine's Day are fresh, clean and full of love!

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GREENIES®: any of them! I am a huge promoter of CANINE and FELINE GREENIES®- I absolutely love them and so does my pet. CANINE GREENIES® are toothbrush-shaped chews in a variety of sizes to cater to different breeds. Dogs love them! There is a wide variety of FELINE GREENIES® too which is great because the market for dog dental treats is bigger but GREENIES® have both cats and dogs covered.

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PARAGON Products (now WHIMZEES):
these dental chews are for dogs and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Potato-based with no gluten or wheat, PARAGON Products dog chews are very popular with pet parents. Get your dog a giant toothbrush or an alligator-shaped chew and have a little fun with these treats. The unique shapes actually help get in those tough spots inside a dog's mouth. Vegan pet owners will love these no-meat treats and dogs will love how easy they are to digest.

Zuke’s® Z-Bones:
these bones are also potato-based dental chew for dogs that is wheat gluten-free. They are tasty to dogs and come in four sizes to fit every dog perfectly. Flavours include Clean Apple Crisp, Clean Berry Crisp and Clean Carrot Crisp. I love the Zuke’s® line of treats for dogs and cats but when it comes to these dental bones it’s the dogs that love them more.

Photo via Emerald Pet Products website

Smart n' tasty:
these dental treats- by Emerald Pet Products- are for both cats and dogs. The cat treats are all-natural and grain, gluten and soy free which means they are perfect for felines with allergies or sensitive stomachs. The dog chews are easily digestible. The hard exterior of the chew scrapes away plaque and tartar while the soft middle holds key ingredients that promote fresh breath and a clean mouth. smart n' tasty products are sold exclusively through speciality pet stores only and are featured as the dog and cat treat of the month for February at PetValu.

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