#Dog #Breed of the #Month: #Border #Collie - Feb.2013

February's featured dog breed is quick and clever

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Considered one of the most intelligent dogs in the world the Border Collie is an energetic breed that can be trained to be so much more than just a pet. The Border Collie is a medium build herding dog that is always alert to its surroundings. The Border Collie has been a favorite of dog owners for years- especially owners looking for a dog that will earn its keep.

The Border Collie is so smart that it’s sometimes referred to as telepathic. It can almost predict what its owner wants it to do before its commanded. For years this breed has been the popular choice for sheepherders and the Border Collie has evolved to be a phenomenal sheepdog. This herding dog uses its intense stare- known as 'the eye'- to herd livestock.

Border Collie owners often witness this dog herding their children around the house making them great back-up babysitters. The history of the Border Collie is a mystery but most breeders believe that the breed was developed from various breeds of sheepdogs and trained to protect their flocks along the border of England and Scotland.

The breed’s popularity in the United States and Canada keeps gaining momentum ever since it first popped onto the canine scene. The Border Collie became sought after because of their superior obedience and intelligence during trial shows. It soon became a popular working dog on the other side of the pond. In 1995 it was finally recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Border Collies come in a variety of colours that include solid colour, bi-colour, tri-colour, sable and merle. Its medium-length coat is water-resistant and rougher along the neck. They do require some grooming but nothing too intense.

The breed is generally very healthy as it was bred to work hard for long hours. In some cases Border Collies have developed progressive retinal atrophy. A great number of Border Collies have a weird quirk- they nip at the heels of cyclists and joggers.

The Border Collie is very hyper and needs a lot of exercise every day. These dogs also need to be given jobs to do to feel as though they are serving their purpose. Border Collies are loyal and protective and can often be apprehensive about approaching strangers.

They are not suited for apartment living- this dog needs to run every day. A yard is required otherwise pet owners can get frustrated with the breed. This breed takes a dedicated owner and the right lifestyle so if you want a low maintenance dog this pooch is not for you.

Unlike some dogs, Border Collies do not tend to wander away and dislike going off property without their owners. They are extremely loyal to their owners and make very good one on one companion. Lovable and highly trainable the Border Collie is a fan favorite for dog lovers with big yards and energetic spirits. A fun dog to explore with a Border Collie can entertain the family for hours with its masterful mind and glowing personality.

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