Adoptable of the Week: Eragon

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Adoptable of the Week: Eragon

Meet Eragon! Eragon is a courtesy listing on from the Friendly Giants Dog Rescue in Ottawa. Eragon has been waiting a long time for the right forever home. He is a large, adult nuetered Kuvasz who is very laid back and slow moving for the most part but can also have fun and be energetic. Eragon comes with special needs but with a patient and dedicated owner he would be a great pet. Eragon suffers from seasonal allergies- like many dogs with white fur. He takes Evening Primrose every day to try to prevent the urge to lick and chew his paws. Eragon is a true Kuvasz to the core and would be best suited with a dominant owner who has experience with large breed working dogs. Kuvasz are bred to guard their flock or home and Eragon- like most Kuvasz- guards all sorts of things. Because of this he is not suited for a home with young children and would flourish on a farm in a fenced in area where he can guard his family. Eragon enjoys being groomed and doesn’t resist when having his nails trimmed. He has an independent nature but still enjoys affection and positive reinforcement training is a must with this dog. Eragon needs the right person to take a chance on him and give him the structure and care he so desperately desires.

If you are interested in learning more about Eragon contact the Keshet Rescue at or call 613-822-7266. Click here to view Eragon’s page on

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