#LifeHack: What to do when your #dog is too strong to play tug

Life hack: What I did when Hazel became too strong for me to play tug

All photos by Stacey McIntyre-Gonzalez

My sweet baby girl Hazel is a Saint Bernese, and although I still see her as my little girl I have to accept the fact that she is 97 pounds of pure muscle. You would think that her bad leg would affect the way she plays, but it doesn't. Her favorite thing to do is to play tug. Unfortunately ropes don't work- she just eats them. So I was really excited when I found this Top Paw™ Tuff Tire Dog Toy at PetSmart that she can chew on and play tug with. Of course the rope was destroyed in the first week, but the tire is tough and she loves it.

I have been trying so hard to play tug with her but her 97 pound head will probably rip my arm right out of it's socket. So my lovely fiancĂ© had the brilliant idea of attaching it to her tie out that we have wrapped around a tree in our backyard. Now Hazel gets to tug against the tree! She loves it! Check out my little-big Hazel with her new life hack dog toy!

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