#WorldOceansDay: Take the #BetterBagChallenge to help save the #oceans

#WorldOceansDay: Take the #BetterBagChallenge to help save the #oceans

Do you live near the ocean? If so, then I am SO jealous of you right now! Even though I don't live by the sea, I understand how impactful the ocean is on the entire planets ecosystem. It keeps the world in balance, so if the oceans aren't healthy then the planet can't be either. I couldn't imagine a world without the beautiful marine life that the oceans sustain. That is why June 8 is such an important day- its World Oceans Day!

To help our oceans and its animals, I am taking the Better Bag Challenge. I promise to stop using disposable plastic bags completely. Will you join me? I already use reusable shopping bags almost everyday I shop, but by taking the Better Bag Challenge I am going to try to use these eco friendly bags every time! I've started by folding a fabric shopping bag and keeping it in my purse so I always have one available. 80% of the trash found in the world's oceans comes from land, so even though I don't live beside the ocean, I can still make a huge difference here on  dry land!

I know it may not seem like a huge change, but even the smallest change can make a difference. The World Oceans Day theme this year is "Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet" which emphasizes how connected the oceans are to the eco system. According to WorldOceansDay.org:

"The ocean is the heart of our planet. Like your heart pumping blood to every part of your body, the ocean connects people across the Earth, no matter where we live. The ocean regulates the climate, feeds millions of people every year, produces most of the oxygen we breathe, is the home to an incredible array of wildlife, provides us with important medicines, and so much more! In order to ensure the health and safety of our communities and future generations, it’s imperative that we take the responsibility to care for the ocean as it cares for us."

"Everyone’s health depends on a clean, productive ocean. During our celebration this year, we encourage our partners and friends to once again think about what actions each of us can take to safeguard vulnerable ocean communities. Please focus on whatever issues you think are most important for a healthy ocean future.

On this site, you will find many resources about plastic pollution in particular. The ocean and its wildlife is choking on plastic, and we need to not only clean it up, but also stop this pollution."
Will you join me and make a small change that will have a big impact?
Will you take the Better Bag Challenge?
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