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Greta's Organic Gardens seeds

Organic Week: Greta's Organic Gardens seed

Hey Paws peeps, since it is Organic Week I want to give a shout out to Greta's Organic Gardens. I purchased my seed exclusively from Greta this year at the Ottawa Valley Seedy Sunday event. Greta's seeds are organic and non-GMO.

Every year we plant an eight foot vegetable garden and it grows very well here in Ontario, Canada. A lot of Greta's seed is heirloom seed, harvested locally by organic farmers and passed down from generation to generation. Our garden now belongs to that historical network of farmers who are trying to preserve our organic agriculture.

For me, planting a garden is not just a way to save money at harvest time, it is also great for the environment and fights against large agribusiness farms and their unethical practices. Even a small garden in your backyard can make a positive impact the environment. Over the next few months as my garden sprouts and grows, I will be sharing with my readers some of the organic and non-GMO products I love, as well as some local food from farmers in our area. How does this relate to pets? Bettering our environment positively affects every aspect of our lives- including our pets!

Hazel helps out in the garden

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