#OrganicWeek kicks off tomorrow - September 17-25

Nature at its best: Organic Week kicks off tomorrow!
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Paws For Reaction is so excited to announce that tomorrow, September 17 kicks off Organic Week! Eating organic is something that I am very passionate about, and over the past year I have been able to convert the majority of my diet to Certified Organic and Non-GMO food. Organic Week is an exciting way to raise awareness about the importance of organic food, and sustainable, ethical farming. Whenever I see the Canada Organic logo or a product verified by the Non-GMO Project I know that it was created or farmed ethically and contains no genetically modified ingredients or chemicals.

Why should you choose organic products? There are so many reasons! Products with the Canada Organic logo must meet strict national guidelines that include but are not limited to the following:

ü  Organic food is not subject to harsh chemicals such as fertilizers, preservatives, pesticides and herbicides; it is clean and grown naturally

ü  Organic farms use water carefully and are inspected annually

ü  Organic farms work in harmony with nature building healthy ecosystems and promoting biodiversity

ü  Organic farms have systems in place that reduce pollution and wasted energy

ü  Organic food does not use ingredients that have knowingly been genetically modified or altered (GMO’s) including seed and the feed that livestock consume

ü  Organic food tastes great because it is grown naturally

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For anyone who doesn’t know what a GMO is, GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Generally, these organisms are modified right from seed, which is why some of Canada’s livestock will consume GMO feed. The most common GMO produce is corn and soy bean. Most people assume that GMO’s are only used to make our food better, healthier and to increase yield; or for a specific aesthetic reason like the Arctic Apple or the GMO Salmon. However, seeds are genetically modified for two primary reasons; pesticide producers and herbicide resistors. A GMO pesticide producing seed has been genetics modified to release a pesticide that will kill insects that threaten the crop. Herbicide resistor seed is genetically modified to resist herbicide sprayed on the crop to kill weeds that threaten it. That means that our food is genetically altered to withstand or produce chemicals, NOT to make it healthier. GMO’s have also been linked to cancer, digestive problems and other illness. If something is verified by the Non-GMO Project or has the Canada Organic logo it means that that farmer or manufacturer has been subject to extensive testing and investigation to verify that the product doesn’t contain GMO’s.

Organic doesn’t stop there! Many retailers are producing organic fashion items, beauty products and cleaning supplies. An organic lifestyle promotes a healthy environment, sustainability, ethical farming and animal welfare. Even if you switch only three products in your household to organic, you will make a huge positive impact for our planet!

For Organic Week I will be sharing one of my favorite certified Canada Organic or Non-GMO Project verified products each day. I will also be sharing some great links and information for anyone who wants to learn more about organic lifestyle.

Organic Week is September 17- 25 so save the date! If you are looking to visit or take part in a local event for Organic Week click this link to see events in your area!

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