#WorldAnimalDay - Get involved and show you care

World Animal Day: Get involved and show you care

October 4 is World Animal Day and animal lovers all over the world are celebrating the many creatures of the Earth with events, donations, contests and awareness campaigns. This animal themed holiday is "a special opportunity for everyone who cares about animals" to come together and raise awareness, and to make a pledge to make a difference. The idea for the holiday first originated in 1925 according to the carefully researched Origin of World Animal Day document provided by the World Anima Day Organization.

The organization has a Pledge Board for animal advocates to make a pledge to better the future of the world’s animals. The pledges can be big or small. I really enjoyed reading some of the pledges. A pledge to donate earnings to an animal welfare group. A pledge to never own a wild animal. A pledge to rescue all future pets. A pledge to take the dog on longer walks. A pledge to go vegan. A pledge to not use any products that test on animals. A pledge to raise awareness. People from all over the world are making a pledge for animal advocacy and to end animal cruelty.

If you are looking for an inspiring World Animal Day event you can search events all over the world on their website, or add an event of your own. The great thing about this “social movement to raise the status of animals and improve welfare standards around the globe” is that everyone can make a difference. There are 92 World Animal Day ambassadors in 74 countries. In a press release World Animal Day ambassador Thomas Kahema from Tanzania said "all that we do in celebration of World Animal day has been a big lesson to government, local communities and schools throughout the country. Many people now understand the reasons why it’s important for them to take the care of animals seriously." Enjoy your World Animal Day celebration!

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