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Get the promo code: Exclusive deal on TreeEra subscription from Paws For Reaction

Exclusive deal on TreeEra subscription from Paws For Reaction!

April has been a very exciting month for Paws For Reaction. First of all April 2 is Keira's 'Home-day' which is an adopted dogs version of a birthday. April marks the 5th anniversary of Paws For Reaction! April also marks my first full month as a certified Climate Reality Corps Leader. This month we are also celebrating Earth Day, when I will be taking part in the March for Science in Ottawa, Ontario.

Since Paws For Reaction has so much to celebrate this month, we have teamed up with our friends at TreeEra to offer a discount on their subscription service! Based out of Calgary, Alberta, TreeEra is a tree planting subscription service that you can purchase to offset your personal or business’ carbon footprint. TreeEra launched in November, 2016 and already has subscribers from the United States, Canada, France, Italy and Australia. There are a lot of ways you can purchase carbon offsets, but what I love about TreeEra is that the trees they plant become part of the lifecycle of a better planet.

Paws For Reaction is offering an exclusive saving on your first month subscription to TreeEra- 20% off the first month using the promo code PAWSANDTREES

Deforestation plays a huge part in man-made climate change. Trees are our natural carbon filters; they are the lungs of the planet. Not only are we putting more carbon in the atmosphere for our trees to filter, but we are also reducing the size of our filter, to make room for roads, factory farming and consumer agriculture.

TreeEra gives back to the Earth on your behalf. It’s easy and affordable. TreeEra doesn’t require you to complete a lengthy survey of your lifestyle like some carbon offset subscriptions. Carbon offsets can sometimes leave unanswered questions, like how are my offsets being calculated? Where is my money actually going? TreeEra keeps it simple. No equations, no confusion, no unreasonable prices- just simple and positive action.

Subscribing with TreeEra also comes with some perks! By subscribing you benefit from exclusive passes to concert, events and more! TreeEra was founded by Ryan Heal, founder of BUSY YYC, and Calgary musician Michael Bernard Fitzgerald. They have partnered with Brinkman & AssociatesReforestation Ltd., one of the world’s leading tree planting companies, to ensure that only trees native to each area are planted. Their research ensures that tree species are planted in a way that makes a positive impact on their specific ecosystem.

Get in on the savings and offset climate change! Visit TreeEra and use the  20% off promo code PAWSANDTREES when you sign up!

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