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People's Climate March: Ottawa joins global climate change protest

April 29, 2017-Today was another proud day for science in Ottawa. A large group gathered at Ottawa City Hall for the People's Climate March, which ended at the US Embassy. The protest was part of a global movement to advance climate change solutions and protect our clean air and drinking water. It coincided with President Trump's 100th day in office. I marched in hopes that the government will start taking climate change seriously and admit that the science is settled. I marched to ask the government to stop investing in pipelines and start investing in clean energy. Climate change is real. The debate among scientists about mankind's impacts on the planet is over. We must act now.

At the march I met a grade nine student. A geography teacher at his school showed the film Before The Flood to his students, and instead of allowing them to watch the entire movie he stopped it halfway through to discuss the benefits of climate change and rebut climate science. He didn't let the students watch to see the scientific predictions for what the world's climate will become, and the affordability of clean energy. Luckily, the students are smart enough to trust scientific data, and they were out protesting today. It was very inspiring.

I was not the only Climate Reality Leader at the march, I was fortunate enough to run into Ray and his daughter. I trained with Ray in Denver, Colorado this past March. Today in Washington, D.C. former Vice President and founder of the Climate Reality Project Al Gore attended the People's Climate March. I'm proud to have marched today as a Climate Reality Leader. The next Climate Reality Corps training is in Washington, June 27 - 29. Get out there and be the change! Be inconvenient, because we are entering a renewable revolution!  

Climatologist and professor at Ottawa University Paul Beckwith was one of the speakers at the march. "Climate change is real and i's getting a lot worse," said Beckwith. "In fact we need to declare a climate emergency."

Speaker Eyah Mazzapaha spoke of the indigenous connection with the Earth and their history of fighting for land treaty rights.

Speaker Andrew West, Green Party Candidate in 2015 Federal election.

Speaker Davis Whittington-Heeney, Senior Program Officer, Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Speaker Cherie Wong, Young Greens of Canada Youth Representative, Federal Council.

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