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Climate Facts: Sharing science and hope

There is quite a lot of flooding across North America this week, even in the Ottawa Valley. Unfortunately, we need to get used to it, as this is our new normal. Water levels rising will become a worldwide concern. Sea level rise is happening faster since the industrial revolution. Climate change is a threat to coastal communities and businesses. Many indigenous tribes that live on the coasts will be deeply impacted and not have the means or money to relocate.
 CLICK HERE to learn more about climate change and it's impact on sea level rise from the NASA!

Climate change facts

I'm really inspired by Years of Living Dangerously and their hashtag #ClimateFacts to raise awareness about climate change. Paws For Reaction #ClimateFacts raise awareness about climate science, and also share solutions and renewable achievements. I'd love to hear your thoughts and questions about climate change or the Climate Reality Corps: email pawsforreaction@live.ca

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