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World Turtle Day: Climate change and the effect on sea turtles

Sea turtles live in the water and on land. This makes them, and most turtle species, especially vulnerable to climate change. Their nesting habitats will be disrupted by rising sea levels. Coral bleaching is already impacting sea turtles food source. In Canada, the Leatherback turtle is already endangered. Polluted waters are destroying turtles homes. With so much plastic pollution in our waters, turtles and other marine species are becoming sick or injured by all the garbage floating around. Oil spills threaten to pollute even more watersheds. Pollution and man-made climate change threaten turtles everyday, but one organization wants to save as many as they can.

American Tortoise Rescue is a non-profit organization established for the protection of all species of tortoise and turtle. Founded by Susan Tellem and Marshall Thompson in 1990, the organization has placed about 3,000 tortoises and turtles in caring homes. They work with law enforcement when undersize or endangered turtles are confiscated and provides helpful information and referrals to people with sick, neglected, or abandoned turtles.

World Turtle Day Endangered Turtles of Ontario May 23

You can help the turtles!


Photo by K. Kristina Drake USGS

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