March 31 is National Crayon Day: Did you know Crayola's best colour is green?

National Crayon Day: Did you know Crayola's best colour is green?

It's the most colourful day in March! National Crayon Day! While your kids may be excited to scribble this day onto the calendar, I have something fun to share with all of the colour wonderful adults!

Crayola has been adding colour to kids lives for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid I would get so excited when I opened a new box of Crayola crayons. They always looked so perfect with their sharp, pointed tips, just waiting to glide across the page and add some colour to my creation. Crayola has been encouraging kids artistic creativity for decades. Crayola LOVES colour! But did you know that Crayola's most impressive colour is green?

Crayola boasts over 30,000 solar panels that are installed at their headquarters in Easton, Pa. They are powering their factory with electricity made from the sun, and a billion crayons and 500 million markers a year are made using solar power. Any crayons that may be chipped or broken during the manufacturing process are melted back down and made back into perfect crayons to minimize waste.

Crayola also makes markers from recycled plastic and pencil crayons from reforested wood. None of their pencil crayons are made with wood from tropical rainforests or endangered tree species, and for every tree that Crayola uses, another tree of the same kind is planted!

That is why PFR is choosing to celebrate Crayola on National Crayon Day! Thank you for shining brighter than the rest! 

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