World Wildlife Day March 3: How can you make a difference?

World Wildlife Day: How can you make a difference?

When we think of wildlife, images of wolves, bears, and birds come to mind, but fur and feathers aren't the only wildlife that needs our support. Hidden underwater is an important ecosystem that helps maintain balance on our planet- and it's at risk. Today we are reminded of the importance of sustaining all life on Earth. Fur, feathers, flora, fauna- and fins!

For the 2020 World Wildlife Day, March 3, The United Nations (UN) urges us to celebrate the beauty found in the wilderness and look at life below the rippling surface of the water and how we can preserve it and create a more sustainable future for marine life. 

"On this World Wildlife Day, let us raise awareness about the extraordinary diversity of marine life and the crucial importance of marine species to sustainable development. That way, we can continue to provide these services for future generations," UN Secretary-General António Guterres

The marine ecosystem helps sustain all life on Earth. How can you help life below water? Visit the World Wildlife Day website to find out if there are any specific events in your area- or host your own! The big thing the UN is asking is that each person #DoOneThing to support marine life. Make a sacrifice. Take a risk. Make a change to live more sustainably. Then share it to inspire others- use the #DoOneThing hashtag, or one of the other event hashtags: #SustainingAllLife, #WorldWildlifeDay, #SustainableUse, #Biodiversity2020

Here are 10 acts you can do on World Wildlife Day:

1. Do trash collection on the shoreline or in a local park. Invite some friends!
2. Switch to a package-free product: I use package-free shampoo, conditioner, and primer!
3. Try a meatless month- I really enjoyed mine, and it helped me become more creative in the kitchen.
4. Park the car- walk, bike or use public transit.
5. Write to your local MP to ask what they are doing to promote environmental initiatives in your riding.
6. Go plastic-free- shop alternatives to single-use plastic. No more bags, straws or plastic bottles. Make a commitment and stick to it.
7. Invite your local waste management company to do a presentation on recycling for your workplace. I did this at my job and everyone really enjoyed it.
8. Volunteer with a local environmental group.
9. Up-cycle or re-use a household item to give it a second life!
10. Ditch the chemicals and find natural or plant-based household cleaners.

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