Book Review: Sin Eater by Megan Campisi

Book Review: Sin Eater by Megan Campisi

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How does Megan Campisi carry a novel with a main character who is unable to speak for 90% of the book? By using dark imagery and tense conflict to tell an age-old story that still rings true today. Sin Eater dines on the topics of sexism and classism by bringing to life an alternate Elizabethan society that feasts on the flesh of the female spirit.

May is condemned to the life of a sin eater for stealing a loaf of bread. She must live the rest of her life feeding on the sins of the dead and dying so they can join the Maker in the afterlife. She can't speak to anyone, and no one will speak to her or look upon her. She is the living embodiment of a curse, and her cursed life brings her face to face with lies and betrayal in the royal family. She must solve a murder, unravel royal family secrets and hear the confessions of the dying while her surviving brutal damnation. 

I devoured this book. It was dark, imaginative, witchy, thrilling, and never what I expected- everything I look for in a novel. I couldn't put it down because every page I turned brought me closer to solving the mystery with May leading the way. She's an easy character to sympathize with. She's innocent. She's never had an opportunity in life. She's the underdog. May's breaking of her chains and self-realization is an inspiring feminist tale. May reinvents herself and takes her life into her own hands. This is not your average dystopian novel. What I loved the most about this novel is that it kept you hungry for more without having to feed the reader a love story to make it more enticing. I highly recommend you pick up this book because I promise you it will be difficult to put down. It might even make you hungry. 

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