The Beverly Hills Dog Show airs tonight

Paws walk the red carpet: The Beverly Hills Dog Show airs tonight!

Tonight is the most glamourous night of the dog year! The 4th Annual Beverly Hills Dog Show, presented by Purina, airs tonight at 8pm ET/PT and 7pm CT/MT on NBC. Maria Menounos gave me the inside scoop about the pitter-patter on the red carpet, how she is handling the Covid-19 crisis, and how we can get Hazel a job as a canine correspondent. Watch our video interview! 

More than 1,500 dogs representing 200 eligible breeds and varieties will compete for the coveted Best in Show title. Canine competitors will mingle with celebrity guests and strut their stuff on the red carpet where Menounos will be there to welcome them. For the main event, each group winner will walk the show’s unique runway for the Best in Show judge to determine which dog has what it takes to be the champion. Last year's winner was a Havenese named Bono- a fitting name for a glitzy dog show full of celebrity guests. That glitz is what sets the Beverly Hills Dog Show apart from other dog shows.

"We've got a red carpet and celebrities attend with their families," said Menounos. "I'm interviewing the stars of Hollywood and the stars of the dog world and they're all colliding in one place."

Menounos is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, author, and TV personality who holds the distinct honor of having conducted the only sit-down interview with the Obama family. Her weekly podcast, Conversations with Maria Menounos, introduces listeners to stars, newsmakers, and successful women in engaging conversations about their journeys, advice, and passions. 

Maria Menounos Beverly Hills Dog Show Paws For Reaction
Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, Maria Menounos and her dog Whinnie

The Beverly Hills Dog Show was filmed on February 29, before the physical distancing restrictions were put in place to adapt to the Covid-19 crisis. Since the show was filmed, the world has become a different place for everyone, Menounos included.

"It was a little scary in the beginning," Menounos said of the Covid-19 crisis. Her family is focused on staying safe and healthy. They are taking all precautions recommended and Menounos feels the same sense of shock that many of us feel in this current climate.

"It's such a surreal experience, I still keep pinching myself," Menounos said. Menounos' podcast Better Together is a great listen for anyone who is struggling with staying positive during the Covid-19 crisis. In the video above Menounos gives her advice on how to stay positive during a time of so much uncertainty. She recommends feeding your mind with positivity, and the Beverly Hills Dog Show is sure to do just that.

Menounos says the best part of the Beverly Hills Dog Show is the glamour, celebrity guests, and the wide variety of dog breeds on show for the event. This year she will be joined by many celebrities including fashion icon Olivia Culpo, actor and star of The Office Brian Baumgartner, actor Jocko Sims, former NFL star, and American Ninja Warrior co-host Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, and of course, Doug the Pug. 

As for doggy divas on the red carpet, Menounos says it's pretty hard to tell. "One could perceive them as divas, I perceive them as very focused on their job," Menounos explained. These show dogs are focused on one thing only- to be named Best in Show, so there's far less barking on the red carpet, but lots of tail wagging. 

Hazel is a big fan of Menounos and she couldn't help getting dressed up to show that she can go paw to paw with the dogs of Beverly Hills. Her goal is to be named the first canine correspondent for the Beverly Hills Dog Show. We'll see what happens in a dog year from now. With Menounos on her side, Hazel is hopeful.  

Maria Menounos Beverly Hills Dog Show Paws For Reaction Saint Bernese
Hazel hasn't been given the job of canine correspondent, but she did get a
comment from Maria Menounos on Instagram @GonzoTheFacey

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The Beverly Hills Dog Show airs tonight!

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