BREAKING NEWS: Joe Biden wins United States presidential election 2020

 Democracy wins: We bid a not so farewell to Donald Trump as Joe Biden wins the 2020 USA presidential election- Adios Trump!

BREAKING NEWS: Joe Biden wins United States presidential election 2020


I've decided 273 is my new favourite number! Followers of my blog are well aware that I'm not a fan of Donald Trump. You may remember I fact-checked Trump on my blog a few years ago when he began attacking science and the Paris Agreement. Canadians care about what happens to our American neighbours because if the USA sneezes, Canada gets a cold. I'd like to give my American neighbours a virtual hug and congratulations because today, November 7, 2020, after a long wait in election purgatory (Groundhog Day much?) Joe Biden has been elected to become the 46th president of the United States of America. 

A democratic president has never been more important for the USA. Truth be told (as you all know) I'm a Bernie Sanders girl. His values align with mine, and his message has never changed. He is a true man of the people. But Trump threatened a lot of things I care deeply about. I'm a mixed-race woman. I believe women should have control over their bodies and reproductive rights. I believe that women should receive equal pay, should be safe from sexual harassment and should have a voice. I believe we should have strict gun control laws. I believe in science. I believe climate change should be the driving force in many of our economic decisions and that it is the biggest threat to humanity. I believe Black Lives Matter. I believe that racism is destructive and should not be tolerated. I believe in LGBQT rights. I believe in a free press. I believe that leaders should not insight violence. I believe in truth and reality. Trump lit fire to all of those important issues. The world is a safer place today, now that his power is taken away.

I'm also very excited to see the first African-American and South Aisan female vice president elected; Kamala Harris. My hope is that she will do incredible things for women's rights. While Joe Biden's climate change plans aren't as aggressive as we need- and nowhere near as impactful as Bernie Sanders and the Green New Deal would have been- I hope he will undo some of the destruction Trump did to National Parks and other protected lands. Conservation is so important because governments are so reluctant to make significant changes in the energy sector- here in Canada too.

I could spend this entire post making fun of Trump, but I won't (that's what Twitter and Instagram stories are for!) because I'd like to go down in history as being classier than he is. While Paws For Reaction is not a political blog, I am a passionate person. All people are free to have a voice and be political and use whatever outlet they have to do what is required to make and support positive change. Today democracy wins. Science wins. And I will celebrate! 

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