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Disney dog products: The best of the NEW Disney Collection at Chewy

Disney dog products for your Princess: Everyone is barking about the new Disney Collection at Chewy

Disney Collection at Chewy
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Enchantment awaits your canine companion! The Disney Collection at Chewy is giving off serious nostalgia vibes, and what is more nostalgic than Disney? I'm a huge fan of Disney and I like to think of Hazel as my honourary Disney Princess. She's lacking in some Disney royalty qualities; she can't sing, she doesn't have a critter companion, and she has yet to find her Prince Charming. She has, however, faced and overcome adversity and learned valuable life lessons along the way- the most important quality in a Disney Princess. 

Hazel used her Princess powers to select the most enchanting products from the Disney Collection at Chewy to share with you. This is her ultimate Disney wishlist, only available at Chewy! So straighten your crown, because the collection boasts over 400 items inspired by beloved characters and stories from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel for your dog to chew, sleep on, play with, wear, snack on, and walk with! These products are selling out FAST, so get your Disney dog gear before it turns back into a pumpkin.


For the Disney dog

Disney Collection at Chewy

Disney Minnie Mouse Squeaky Tennis Ball

This is not your average tennis ball- it's mousetastic! Put some mouse ears on and elevate your fetch game with Disney tennis balls. Hazel is not big on playing fetch, but she does enjoy squeaking a ball, usually while I'm trying to have a Zoom meeting. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck tennis balls are also available, but Hazel is a girly-girl and Minnie Mouse suits her perfectly! (Buy it here!)

Disney Collection at Chewy

Disney Minnie Mouse Floral Dog Collar

How about a matching Minnie Mouse collar? Hazel exclusively ears pink collars, because I'm sick of people calling her a boy. I'm pretty close to putting pink bows on her ears! The collection features several Minnie Mouse collars, available only at Chewy. The floral one is the most 'Hazel' of them all. The collars have matching leashes, of course! (Buy it here!)

Disney Collection at Chewy

Disney Genie Plush Toy with Rope

If Hazel could have three wishes, she would wish for an Aladdin dog toy with a rope, a squeak, and a crinkle. The 
Disney Collection at Chewy has granted her wishes! This dog toy is selling out fast because everyone needs a friend, and what better friend than a friend you can chew on? Aladdin is a fan favourite in our household and it can be in yours too. Grant your dog's wish and bring a Genie into your home! (Buy it here!)

Disney Collection at Chewy

Disney Flounder Print Dog Raincoat 

What better fishy in the rain than Flounder from Disney's The Little Mermaid? Any raincoat featuring an Under the Sea character is sure to keep Hazel dry when we walk, but sadly she is too big for this coat, which is common for Saint Bernese dogs. The largest size fits 71lbs. But we like it nonetheless! If your cat is interested in exploring A Whole New World of rainy weather, this raincoat is available for your feline family members. (But it here!)

Disney Collection at Chewy

Disney Princess Dog Leash

If you have been on a magical journey searching for the perfect leash for your Princess pooch, look no further! Hazel is definitely the Princess of the house- she rules the land! This leash features the classic Disney Princesses we all know and love. Give your dog some girl power! A matching collar is also available. (Buy it here!)

Disney Pluto Pillow Cat & Dog Bed

Disney Pluto Pillow Dog Bed

Pluto is the OG Disney dog! This comfy dog bed features the classic black-and-white Pluto, an ode to the original Disney cartoons. Step on beds are good for Hazel because of her disability and will be increasingly useful as she enters her senior years. Beds with raised sides can be difficult for her to get into. This bed comes in smaller sizes, so it can be for dogs or cats. (Buy it here!)

Disney Minnie Mouse Cupcake Plush Squeaky Toy

Disney Minnie Mouse Cupcake Plush Squeaky Toy

Disney Theme Parks are known for their creative and unique sweet treats! The Disney Collection at Chewy features toys that pay tribute to the sugary enchantment. Foodies will love these toys, and I'm a total foodie. Hazel is the ultimate foodie. I'm 99% sure she loves food more than me. Your dog can chew on a Disney cupcake, ice cream cone, or doughnut, complete with a squeak and crinkle sound. (Buy it here!)

Team Treatz Disney DogEatz Nightmare Before Christmas Rawhide-Free Dental Dog Treats

Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Dental Dog Treats

I wonder if Tim Burton feeds his dog these treats? Or if he has a dog named Zero? I'm sure these treats would be Zero approved! All treats are Hazel approved because she'll eat anything. Being huge Tim Burton fans, we can't help but feel a ghostly pull toward these doggo snacks. These Team Treatz Disney DogEatz dental treats are gluten, soy, and rawhide-free, and are made in the USA with USA-sourced ingredients. That means you don't need to travel to Christmas Town to get them, you just need to shop at! (Buy it here!)

Disney Pumbaa Hide and Seek Puzzle Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

Disney Pumbaa Hide and Seek Dog Toy

Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful toy! So wonderful that when I tried to purchase it, it was sold out! Dry as the Sahara! Puzzle toys are Hazel's favourite and The Lion King is our favourite Disney movie, and it's not just because I think JTT is dreamy. This toy is plush, it squeaks, and it doesn't pass gas like the real Pumbaa. Puzzle toys provide Hazel with much-needed mental stimulation. She is a dog that never wants to be bored, and I'll have no worries that this toy will be no passing craze! If this toy is out of stock you can set up an email alert from Chewy to notify you when it is available. (Buy it here!)

For the Pixar pooch

Hyper Pet Disney Hamm Super Squeaker Dog Toy

Hyper Pet Disney Hamm Super Squeaker

Latex pigs seem to be Hazel's preferred squeaky toy. This version, based on Hamm from Disney Pixar's Toy Story, is a fun take on the classic squeaky pig. One great thing about latex toys is that if Hamm decides to act like a pig and play in the mud, he's easy to clean with soap and water. Take your dog's playtime to infinity and beyond! (Buy it here!)

Pixar Toy Story "To Infinity and Beyond" Dog & Cat Jersey PJs

Pixar Toy Story "To Infinity and Beyond" Dog PJ's

When Hazel goes to sleep her toys come to life! Sometimes I wonder if that's what she's dreaming about when she's snoring away in my bed and her big paws are tippy-tapping in the air. These PJ's are soft and breathable and will make sure your dog's next photo-op will be the most fun on the planet. Hazel will be canine-cute for movie night! These Pixar PJ's are available only at Chewy and available for cats too. (Buy it here!)

Roll over image to zoom in Pixar The Claw and Aliens Hide and Seek Puzzle Plush Squeaky Dog Toy, slide 1 of 4 Slide 2 of 4 Slide 3 of 4 video, Slide 4 of 4video Pixar The Claw and Aliens Hide and Seek Puzzle Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

Pixar The Claw and Aliens Hide and Seek Dog Toy

The Pizza Planet aliens want to blast off back to their home planet, but not before your dog pulls them out of the rocket and chews them until they squeak "Take me to your leader!" Launch doggy boredom to another galazy with this puzzle toy. Your dog can get in character by playing The Claw at home. (Buy it here!)

For the Marvel Comics canine

Buckle-Down Marvel Comics Polyester Dog Collar
Buckle-Down Marvel Comics Polyester Dog Collar

Hazel and I are a little bit nerdy. We're pretty into comic books. I especially love Thor, not the comic book specifically, but Chris Hemsworth as Thor. Totally into him! This collar isn't pink, but it's too cool not to feature in this post. The vibrant artwork on this collar is giving us vintage Marvel vibes! (Buy it here!)

Marvel 's Spider-Man Bungee Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

Marvel's Spider-Man Bungee Dog Toy

Hero's always bounce back, and so does this plush, crinkly, and squeaky bungee dog toy. This Spider-Man toy will make your dog spring into action and provide lots of fun and play. You can fling it to play fetch! Not a fan of Spidey? Many of your favourite Marvel Comic characters have their own bungee toy. (Buy it here!)

Marvel 's Ironman Arc Reactor Round Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

Marvel 's Ironman Arc Reactor Dog Toy

Thank you Stark Industries for making this squeaky, crinkly disc of fun! This toy is fun for play or could be a good cuddle buddy when Hazel has nap time- which is a lot. She does a lot of napping and she will rest easy knowing she has a hero watching over her. Tony Stark would approve! (Buy it here!)

For the Star Wars woofer


Star Wars The Mandalorian's The Child Covered Bed

Want to get inside Yoda's head? Crawl in, you will. Some of Hazel's best buddies have been small dogs, so she thinks it's only fair that we feature a bed just for them! This bed-head is sure to be a conversation starter. You can get a variety of adorable Baby Yoda products, available only at Chewy. The Force is so strong in this bed that cats can use it too! (Buy it here!)

Roll over image to zoom in Fetch For Pets Star Wars Chewbacca Basic Dog Harness, slide 1 of 5 Slide 2 of 5 Slide 3 of 5 Slide 4 of 5 Slide 5 of 5 Fetch For Pets Star Wars Chewbacca Basic Dog Harness

Fetch For Pets Star Wars Chewbacca Harness

How adorable is this? Just when I thought Hazel couldn't get any fluffier! This basic harness is anything but basic and can double as your dog's Howl-oween costume. Keep your doggy sidekick from floating away into space. (Buy it here!)

STAR WARS THE MANDALORIAN'S THE CHILD "Cutest Bounty" Reversible Dog & Cat Bandana

Star Wars The Mandalorian's The Child "Cutest Bounty" Reversible Bandana

We all think our dog is are the cutest bounty in the universe, so why not let everyone else know? Since this bandana is reversible, it's like getting two for the price of one! Your dog will be a legend at the dog park. These intergalactic bandanas are available in a small size that will fit your feline family members too. (Buy it here!)

The Disney Collection at Chewy has something for every pet-owning Disney enthusiast. Since these products are only available in their kingdom, there's only one place to shop: Chewy!

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