Hazel's Easter stories: Happy Easter from Paws For Reaction

Easter fact and fun: Hoppy Easter ideas from your favourite Saint Bernese, Hazel!

Happy Easter from Paws For Reaction

Hello, I'm Hazel! I saw three rabbits the other night, so I figured it must be Easter. I'm woofing all of you a very Happy Easter! We are spending our second Easter during the Covid-19 pandemic together again, just Hazel and mum. There will be lots of snuggles and Easter treats. I hope you enjoy the long weekend even though Ontario is in lockdown and remember: Lockdowns are tough on everyone but it keeps us safe. I don't mind lockdown because get more time with mum and lots of walks. Want to know what else you can do to have a safe and fun Easter?

Dangerous decorations

I hope no one uses plastic Easter grass, but if you do please keep your pets away from it because it can make them sick and cause a foreign body. I've had a foreign body before and it was not fun. I was really sick and they had to open my tummy. Mum said it was expensive. Easter flowers can really make your holiday decor pop- or should I say hop! Did you know that the Easter lily is deadly toxic to cats? In fact, ALL lilies are toxic to cats. To learn more about how to keep your cat safe this Easter CLICK HERE!

Toxic treats

I love candy but mum says pets can't have candy because it makes them sick. Especially chocolate! Easter chocolate is toxic to dogs like me, just ask my favourite veterinarian, Dr. Carlie Paquette. Actually, no need to ask her- I barked at her for you. CLICK HERE to find out everything you need to know about chocolate toxicity in dogs and what to do if your dog ingests chocolate. 

DIY Easter fun

Lockdown means we are all stuck down the rabbit hole together this Easter. Luckily the Easter Bunny is considered an essential worker! My mum loves to craft! Your kids may be bored at home this Easter, so why not keep them occupied with some family activities? CLICK HERE for fun Easter-inspired craft ideas you can do to make the most out of your pandemic Easter! I'd love to see them in the comments section.

Get to know the Bunny

I like chasing rabbits but since the Easter Bunny is considered an essential worker I won't this weekend. We should get to know him more to show real appreciation. CLICK HERE to learn facts about the Easter Bunny and more!

Just for fun

We have photo stories to give you a laugh this Easter! Scroll through a gallery of adorably festive Easter pets! Check out dogs dressed as Easter Bunnies who are trying to lighten the real Easter Bunny's load by hiding eggs. Or these real-life Easter Bunnies who will show those dogs how it's really done. 

You are one in a million

No two painted Easter eggs are the same. A painted egg is one in a million. Are you one in a million? By that I mean are you willing to take a pledge to join millions of people in support of environmental protection efforts and commit to at least one action? According to the David Suzuki Foundation, "a recent landmark study showed that when movements grow to 3.5% of a population, they reach a tipping point where systemic change becomes not only possible but probable." We need you to join us in support of a sustainable future, so we can reach that tipping point and make a significant change. My mum took the pledge, and I did too. CLICK HERE so you can join us and take the pledge! The best Easter egg is a green one!

Remembering Keira

April 2nd was Keira's Homeday. She would have been 14. I lost my sweet sister Keira last year and I miss her very much. She was my mentor, my partner in crime, and my best friend. This is her pretending to be the Easter Bunny. Happy Homeday Keira! We think about you every day, especially on holidays. 

Happy Easter everyone! Sending you pawsitive thoughts and licks of love!

Happy Easter from Paws For Reaction

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