Cleaning the Capital spring campaign is on hold due to the Ontario Covid-19 lockdown

Cleaning the Capital: Campaign on hold but litter collection doesn't have to be

Cleaning the Capital: Campaign on hold but litter collection doesn't have to be

I was excited to register for the Cleaning the Capital spring campaign and participate in city-wide trash collection during Earth Month. The pandemic delivered me another disappointment when the City of Ottawa announced the Cleaning the Capital Spring campaign would be placed on hold due to the current Ontario COVID-19 lockdown. My intention when I registered was to do trash collection on my own, so I could stay safe and physically distance from others. We are encouraged to only leave the home when it's essential, but I consider picking up litter in my neighborhood to be essential. 

It's devastating that COVID-19 is muzzling yet another Earth Day. After we are all vaccinated and COVID-19 is under control, climate change will step back into the spotlight as the most existential threat humanity faces. I'm so isolated at home, and during my rare outings- essential walks with Hazel- it's impossible to ignore the trash that is littered in my neighborhood of Hintonburg. It's spent winter buried under the snow, out of sight and out of mind, but once the snow melted it revealed the extend of the problem we are dealing with. It's not just our homes that need spring cleaning. Our communities need it too.

Cleaning the Capital spring campaign is on hold due to the Ontario Covid-19 lockdown

Registration for the Cleaning the Capital campaign is still open until May 15th. Cleaning kits are no longer available at the pick-up facilities and those who already have cleaning kits are being advised to hold off on trash collection. Litter and graffiti cleanup takes place wherever you register, with as few or as many people you choose to organize. You can register as a solo person like I did. The City of Ottawa provides safety guidelines for both COVID-19 and safe trash collection. The truth is, trash collection is something you can do while maintaining a 6-foot distance. Wear a mask, be cautious, and you can clean up the capital in a COVID-safe way.

Groups hosting Capital cleanups

Some groups and organizations registered for Cleaning the Capital before the lockdown took effect. If you are looking for a registered event to join one lockdown is lifted so you can log your litter collection, check out one of these groups:

Ottawa Riverkeeper Webinar Shoreline Cleanups in a 2021 Watershed

Riverbanks are important to clean up. Join Ottawa Riverkeeper’s Community Outreach Coordinator, Alejandro Prescott-Cornejo, and Communications Intern, Jeffrey Hamilton, today- April 16th at 12:00 pm- for a webinar that educates about the importance of shoreline cleanups, how you can still do them safely during the pandemic. They will launch a new tool that will forever revolutionize the way we clean our shores! Register online!

Ottawa Greens "Virtual" Neighbourhood Clean Up

If you are going to be outside anyway, Ottawa Green Party reminds you that you can pick up trash in your neighborhood while staying Covid-safe. Send a photo of the trash you collect- especially facemasks and 6-pack rings- and they will share it on their Facebook Event page. Clean up any area of the city!

Carleton University Cleaning the Capital for Earth Day

Carleton University students can't clean trash on their campus, but they still hope students will pick up litter in their communities. Find out more information on their event page. Their event is in honour of Earth Day. Clean up any area of the city!

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