Chasing Whimsies: Talking Flowers by SutherlandDollArt

Wonderland whimsy: Talking Flowers are the perfect home decor to create a floral fantasy 

Chasing Whimsies Talking Flowers

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Imagine getting lost in a Wonderland of colourful talking flowers? Growing up, there's nothing I wanted more than to fall down the rabbit hole and explore Wonderland with Alice and the White Rabbit. I'm excited to introduce my new magical blog series Chasing Whimsies. This series will feature whimsical handmade, and artisan items created by Etsy makers, who are independent business owners. I've selected the Alice in Wonderland Talking Flowers by SutherlandDollArt as my first Chasing Whimsies featured product. So grab your pocket watch and lift your pinky, because it's time for tea!

Alice in Wonderland Talking Flowers by SutherlandDollArt

Lewis Carroll captured whimsy perfectly on the pages of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Artist Jennifer Sutherland has plucked the petals of Wonderland whimsy and used that magic to create her Talking Flowers, inspired by Disney's 1951 Alice in Wonderland animated film. I've always been obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, reading the books and watching the movie repeatedly, so I'm not surprised that her Etsy shop has received rave reviews. I adore the tiger lilies, my favourite flower, both in life and in the movie.

Alice in Wonderland Talking Flowers by SutherlandDollArt

CLICK HERE to see the Tiger Lily Talking Flower

The Disney film and read Lewis Carroll's books are a little different. The colourful, magical cartoon contrasts the darker, more sinister book about a girl who gets lost in a strange and unforgiving world. Nonetheless, when Alice stumbles into the garden of the Talking Flowers, they welcome her and sing In a Golden Afternoon. It's a bright spot in the film until they decide she must be a weed and rush her back into the maddening forest. This moment in the Disney movie captures the rollercoaster of twists and turns Lewis Carroll crafted in his books. Just as Alice begins to feel comfortable and welcome, Wonderland turns on her. 

Alice in Wonderland Talking Flowers by SutherlandDollArt

CLICK HERE to see the Dog Mum Talking Flower

Obviously, I love the dog and cat-terpillars equally! The same goes for the books and the movie. I love them both and the Talking Flowers part of the movie has always been my favourite. The Disney film mixed the books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. The talking flowers appear in chapter two of Through the Looking Glass titled The Garden of the Live Flowers. Anyone who ever dreamed of exploring a garden of talking flowers can do that, thanks to Sutherland's art. These colourful creations are nearly identical to their movie counterparts. The detail is incredible, from stem to petal.

Alice in Wonderland Talking Flowers by SutherlandDollArt

CLICK HERE to see the Pansies with Bread and Butterfly Talking Flower

Sutherland also creates Talking Flowers that are not identical to the flowers in the movie, but are inspired by the characters of Wonderland, like Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Cheshire Cat, the Red Queen, and Alice herself. But these flowers sell out quickly and new creations are made, so if you see one you like I recommend not waiting to buy, because the opportunity to get that flower may fall down the rabbit hole.

Alice in Wonderland Talking Flowers by SutherlandDollArt

CLICK HERE to see the Peachy Petals Hydrangea Talking Flower

These flowers will add some whimsy to your home decor. Check out the reviews on the SutherlandDollArt Etsy shop to see how buyers styled their flowers. They can add a touch of magic to a tablescape. Slip it into your garden to create a surprising conversation piece at your garden party. Line Talking Flowers along your window sill to bask in the sunlight. No Alice in Wonderland-themed room or event is complete without one of these pieces.

Alice in Wonderland Talking Flowers

CLICK HERE to see the Fire Dahlia Talking Flower

Jennifer Sutherland only sells her creations on Etsy or Ebay, so if you see her Talking Flowers marketed on any other website it's a scam. Etsy is a safe website to purchase products directly from makers and support their small business endeavors. Sutherland's shop has a wide selection in a variety of colours and a range of prices. Everything in her shop is handcrafted from scratch. Resin pieces are cast and crafted by hand in her California studio and not in factories. 

Welcome to Whimsy: Talking Flowers by SutherlandDollArt

CLICK HERE to see the Yellow Rose Buds Talking Flower

I'm in love with her Talking Flowers and can't wait to purchase one of my own- I'm having a hard time deciding which flower to add to my garden, but I'm excited to create a floral fantasy of Talking Flowers by SutherlandDollArt. You should pick one of these flowers too- you'd be mad not to!

Alice in Wonderland Talking Flowers by SutherlandDollArt

*Products featured as part of Chasing Whimsies are created by small businesses owners and independent makers and artists. Because of this, items are often handmade, one of a kind, and unique, and some selections can sell out or be removed from production. Some items featured may be out of stock or no longer available.* 

Alice in Wonderland home decor Talking Flowers

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